Fix laptop keyboard not working

Is your laptop keyboard not working? Don't have any idea how to fix it? Don't worry we are here to provide some ultimate solutions to bring back your laptop keyboard in working condition.

Sometimes, we start working on some project or with other computer-based purposes and encounter that laptop keyboard is not working. Well, that can be painful especially when you need your laptop for urgent tasks. There can be many reasons behind laptop keyboard not working. It can be because of outdated drivers, old windows versions and various other primary and significant factors. However, fixing these issues are not that hectic as it was earlier.  Today we are living in a modern tech era where there are many third party software exist that automatically detect and fix such issues. Also, if you want to fix such issues manually, it's not that hectic as well.

Here we will list solutions for all those problems that result in laptop keyboard not working. So, today we will be helping you to get rid of most of the problems that affect the performance of your laptop keyboard. Let's proceed...

5 Effective Ways To Fix Your Laptop Keyboard Not Working

1) Try Disabling Filter Keys Feature

This is one of the easiest method to Fix Your Laptop Keyboard Not Working. If the above approach doesn't work for you, try this one. Filter keys are subjected to eliminate repetitive keystrokes. Some laptops have this feature enabled by default and thus the user face laptop keyboard not working issues. To fix or troubleshoot the issues caused by this feature, you need to disable it. Follow the below instructions to disable Filter Keys on your laptop.

Step 1: Hit START and navigate to Control Panel of your laptop. There you will find an option called "Ease Of Access Centre." Click on it.


Step 2: On the respective "Ease Of Access Centre" page you will find an option "Change How Your Keyboard Works." Click on it.


Step 3: Once you open the page, you will find "filter key" there in mid of the page. Ensure whether it's checked or not. If it is checked, that means the feature is enabled, so click right to remove the check and disable it.


Probably, it will fix the issue laptop keyboard not working. If still the issue persists, follow the below procedures.

2) Try Uninstalling the Synpatic Driver

If you're using windows 10 with old driver versions, probably you will frequently encounter such issues like laptop keyboard not working. The synaptic driver is one such driver that Windows doesn't support efficiently, so better you uninstall it.

Step 1: Hit START, go to the search box, type "uninstall a programme" and hit enter.

laptop keyboard not working asus

Step 2: On the "Uninstall or Change A Program page" find a synaptic driver, select it and then click on uninstall.

laptop keyboard not working acer

That's it, you've successfully uninstalled the synaptic driver from your windows and probably fixed the issue laptop keyboard not working. Know more about uninstalling programs and software here “Top 5 Ways To Free Up Disk Space on Windows”.

3) Try Updating Keyboard Drivers

Using older driver versions are the most common reason behind keyboard not working. So, it's better to try fixing this issue first with updating keyboard drivers of your laptop.
You must have got a CD from the manufacturer with your laptop. This CD contains all the essential drivers and software that is required to maintain the performance of your PC, and it's equipment.

Insert this CD into your laptop and run it. Install all the necessary drivers from this CD. In case you don't have this CD, visit the official website of your laptop manufacturer and download updated and relevant keyboard drivers from your pc.

As your regular keyboard is already not working, you will have to connect a USB keyboard to proceed with this approach.

As you can see, it's a lengthy process, and probably if you uninstall a wrong driver, you may affect the performance of your pc.

So the best and easy way is to use a third party driver update software. Softwares like Tweakbit or DriverEasy can make things easier for you. Here we will explain to you how to install keyboard driver update on your laptop using DriverEasy. You can proceed in a similar way using other driver update software. Have a look below.

Step 1: Download and install DriverEasy from a legal source.

Step 2: Once installed, launch it and start scanning your PC by clicking on "Scan Now". In this step, the software will automatically detect all the driver issues on your laptop.

laptop keyboard not working windows 10

Step 3: Once the scanning you will add, you will get the number of driver issues affecting performance.

Step 4: Now click on the respective keyboard driver which is outdated and the software install an updated version of the driver on your laptop.

laptop keyboard not working dell
Probably, it will fix the issue laptop keyboard not working.

4) Update Your Windows

Microsoft keeps releasing new updates and thus upgrading your windows system can be a great way to fix most of the issue and boost overall laptop performance. So, always use windows update and keep grabbing the latest updates released by windows. It's the best way to Fix Your Laptop Keyboard Whic is Not Working.

5) Other Solutions

If you're facing issues like your laptop keyboard not working, try restarting your laptop before following any of the above-mentioned troubleshooting approaches. Most of the time restraint your laptop fix such issues. However, if still the issue persists after troubleshooting with all the approaches as mentioned above, try using an additional USB keyboard to fix the issue temporary. However, one of the above troubleshooting approaches will surely work and fix "Laptop keyboard not working issue."

Pro Tips:

  • While installing keyboard driver make sure you are downloading and installing right and relevant keyboard driver for your laptop. Try searching for the driver using your laptop brand name and model number.
  • Always restart your laptop after completing every approach and applying changes.
  • Install third party software only from legal sources or official websites.


So the above is most efficient, and easiest approached to fix laptop keyboard, not working issues. Hope the content helps you to bring back your laptop keyboard in working condition/status. Keep following us to get more techy updates and troubleshooting tutorials.