Want to know how to change router IP address, here we will help and explain you to proceed and change router IP address.

We are living in an advanced technical age where we have advanced hackers who comes up with unexpected approaches that we can't even think to crack the login credentials. So, it doesn't matter how smart you're; your login credentials can still be cracked. Thus, its important to add an additional security layer to your router to protect it from getting misused and that's the reason you need to change router IP address. All the routers available in the market comes with default IP, most of them are assigned with similar IP that's ", etc.

how to change router IP address

This IP address is actually used to enter the router's official login page. So, by changing the IP address of your router or a part of its IP address you can avoid peoples to access your router settings and other sensitive information associated with your router. Thus, it can be a great idea to change router IP address to keep unwanted people away from accessing or cracking your sensitive details. If you change router IP address, then it will be really difficult for hackers to crack the credentials. Fact is, they can find out your username and password, but things will become really complicated while cracking the custom IP address defined by your for your router. Overall, if you change router IP address, you're adding an advanced layer of security to it, and no one will be able to crack your login credentials anymore.

So, that's all about why you need to change router IP address and how it will change the things. Now let's get back to the primary purpose of this post and explore how to change router IP address quickly.

Here we will explain to you how to change router IP address in step by step manner with the relevant screen so that you can proceed quickly and make things perfect.

Enough jargons let's proceed now...

How to change IP Address Of Any Router Easily?

No matter which router you have and who is the manufacturer, every router has the similar process to change router IP address. So, proceed as instructed below and you will be able to change router IP address successfully.

Step 1: Start With Logging Into Your Router Account

how to change router ip address netgear

You can log in to your router account using the default IP address assigned to your router by the manufacturer. If you don't have any idea what's the IP address of your router, have a look underside of your router. There you will find it or go through the user manual guide provided with your router. Now, visit the IP page and enter your login credentials (Username and password) to get in.

Step 2: Go To The Basic/General Setup/Setting Tab

how to change router ip address d'link

The setup/setting menu actually changes with routers, so you will have to explore the interface you've after logging in. Generally, Basic/General Setup is found under Network Configuration Tab.

Step 3: Change The IP Address Of Respective Router

how to change public ip address

Once you enter the basic/general setup page, you will get set of options to proceed and change router IP address. As you can see clearly in the image, there is "LAN IP Address" section. In the box next to it you can change router IP address. You can change either one or both the last two numbers as shown below in the image. You can use any integer between 1 to 254 with more than 64k IP combination possibilities. Make sure whatever integer you are entering you remember that as you will need this IP address in future to access settings of your router whenever you need.

Step 4: Save And Apply The New Setting

how to change private ip address

Once you're done with all the above procedure and defined the custom IP for your router, click on "Apply" tab and wait for few moments. Your router will get rebooted automatically, and new changes will get assigned to your router. Now try to reaccess the router setting page using the newly defined IP address to check whether things are perfect or not.

That's it. You've successfully changed the router IP address.

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So that's how you can change router IP address. Is not that really simple to change router IP address? Hope you found this post helpful and it helps you to change router IP address. Let us know If you've any doubt in the comment section. We are here to solve your every problem. Also, keep following us to get more such updates and lead the tech world.