DMG to ISO conversion

Do you want to convert DMG files to ISO files on windows? Do you know how to proceed to convert such files easily and quickly? If your answer is "NO" for all the above question, here we will provide you step by step guide to convert DMG files into ISO files using effective and efficient tools.

First of all it's necessary that you get familiar with the basics of DMG and ISO files so here we will start with some essential information so that you understand everything well.

What Are DMG And ISO Files And Why We Need To Convert Them?

DMG files stand for Disc Image Files that are mostly used on Mac OS X operating systems. Most of the application and software available are in DMG file format, and these applications are not supported by our windows system. Thus, to access such files, we need to convert them on windows into ISO.

Let's proceed with our motive.

There are so many tools available in the app market to proceed with the motive. However, in this tutorial guide, we will be using only useful tools that are known to convert DMG files into ISO easily and in minimum time.

#1 Power ISO: The Best DMG to ISO Converter

It's the most efficient and accessible tool to convert DMG files into ISO files. It's free to use the application, but there is its premium version as well. In the paid premium version your DMG  files will get converted to ISO files automatically with least manual input. Below we have provided step by step guide to convert files using the free version of this tool, follow them.

Step 1
Start with downloading the tool from a legal source and install it.

Step 2
Once the application is downloaded and installed, launch it. There will be "tools" option available on the screen, click on that and then click on "convert" to go to file converter dialog box.

Tools and convert

Step 3
As you can see, there is an option "browse" under "Source File" area, click on it to select the target DMG file that you want to convert into ISO.

Select target file

Select files to convert and location to save

Step 4
Here you will have to select destination file as "ISO" then define the location on your disk where you want to save this converted iso file. That's it; you're all set to convert the file now by clicking on "OK."

File conversion

That's it; you have successfully converted your DMG file into ISO file.

#2 Any2ISO: Quick and Lite Tool

Any2ISO tool is another best and accessible tool that can help you to convert all your DMG files into ISO files on Windows with ease. This tool is free to use, but the free version is limited up to an extent. That's, you will be able to convert maximum 800mb sized files in the free version. If you want to convert more larger files, you will have to opt its premium version. Here we have elaborated how you can convert small DMG files (less than 800mb file size) into ISO files with this tool.

Step 1

First of all, you need to download the Any2ISO Lite tool from any legal source and install the file.

Step 2

Launch the application Once you've downloaded and installed the tool. There will be an  "Open Image" option in leftmost to the "source image/archive file" Click on it to browse the DMG files available on your storage. Here you need to select the target DMG file to convert into ISO file.

Launch application and Select target files

Step 3
There will be the option on the tools screen " convert to iso," don't forget to select this option. It's necessary that you click right on this option as it defines the primary operation that we are performing.

Step 4

Once you're done with above steps, check again to verify the settings and options that we have mentioned above are followed appropriately. Now, click on "Convert." It will start the conversion process.

Converting files

That's it; you did it!!

#3 DMG2IMG: Free and Fast Tool

It's one of the most excellent methods available to deal with DMG files on your Windows PC for free. It's a command based approach where you need to prompt a simple command.  There is nothing complex, its simple and straightforward. Have a look at the stepwise procedure.

Step 1
Visit any legal source to download the tool. Click on "win32 binary" available there on the developer page to start the downloading.

Step 2
Now you'll have to extract the elements of DMG2IMG downloaded files to a new file.

Extract file to a new folder

Step 3
Now just hold the "Shift" key and right click on the freshly created folder where you've extracted the files. Now click on "open command option here" available there in the option to go to the command section.

Open command window

Step 4
All done. Now you will have to execute the following command.
Dmg2img <oldfile.dmg> <newfile.iso>

And press the enter.
Note:  this section stands for the location of your DMG file thus change it accordingly. And,   stands for the place where you want to save the converted file.

That’s, if the files are located there in C:\xyz and its name are PQRS then, you need to enter the command as C:\xyz\PQRS.dmg.

Converting files

That's it. Your target DMG file is converted successfully into ISO file and is saved to the defined folder.

There is no high-tech procedure or complicated things in such conversion. With necessary computer skills, you can convert DMG files to ISO easily and quickly. However, follow all the above steps as mentioned above correctly otherwise you may encounter problems with the conversion. Also, use the command properly with signs as we have explained above in the third method. Hope the contents helps you to convert DMG files into ISO files easily. Keep visiting us to get more such tutorials and updated technical stuff.