Most of us may use note taking apps to remember the information that we fear might slip from our mind later, but these apps can do much more. The best note taking apps for iPhone and iPad are digital canvases that support complex graphs along with grocery lists. Some even allow you to unleash your inner artist. There are many good note taking apps for iPhone and iPad out there. The thing you need is a great and best note taking apps for iPhone and iPad. So here we picked the top 5 best note taking apps for iPhone and iPad in 2018.

1 Evernote

best note taking app for ipad with stylus

Evernote is one of the oldest and best note taking apps for iPhone and iPad. The app offers you a seamless note taking experience on iPhones whether you just want to write down random ideas, make a checklist and, a to-do list. With a simple notebook structure, the developers have successfully tried to create it closer to reality. You are able to take notes in various formats such as for example text, images, video, audio, PDFs, web clippings, hand-drawn sketches, etc. The iOS app has an inbuilt scanner for business cards and documents, so you can digitize your documents and store them in an arranged manner.

You can easily synchronize the notes on different OS and devices. If you own devices running on the different OS, then with this app you are able to begin your note on one device and can continue it to your other device. Your notes will be synced automatically to different platforms including Mac, Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry.

Additional Features

1 You are able to quickly switch between personal and premium account without logging out from the app.

2 The work chart feature enables you to share your notes along with your colleagues and friends.

3 You can also add a reminder to your notes, and it will pin up your note on the top when the time comes.

Evernote has the free as well as the premium version. While free version offers you the facility to sync across two devices and 60 MB of uploads per month; in the premium version of the app, you are able to sync to unlimited devices, and you receive 10 GB space for uploads per month. The premium version will charge you ?299 per month.

2 Notability

best note taking app for ipad pro

Notability is another best note taking apps for iPhone and iPad. It is a multipurpose handwriting app. The Notability has an excellent interface packed with tools for handwriting, making shapes, drawing, highlighting, adding audio, moving objects around, web clips and integrating photos and more. {You can easily select multiple colored paper styles and lined or unlined paper, share your notebooks to almost every major service and print them. You can also import notebooks from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or even a WebDAV service. Notability also offers iCloud sync support and a friendly Mac app, if you'd prefer an application that works on both Mac and iOS.

Additional Features

1 It is simple to make Annotate PDFs.  

2 You can Use multiple input formats.  

3 You can easily Share notes via the cloud

Notability is available at the IOS app store and you have to purchase it at the price of ?799.

3 GoodNotes 4

taking handwritten notes on ipad

GoodNotes 4 is one of the best note taking apps for iPhone and iPad. For beginners, GoodNotes 4 is a truly massive choice of paper types for the digital notebooks, graph, including lined, music notation and design. You will find even advanced options that allow you to upload custom templates. This app allows you to enter complex mathematics and chemical formulas which is impossible on the traditional keyboard. On top of that, most templates are available in specific paper sizes. GoodNotes 4 also offers a lot of different cover styles and choices, most of which will be written upon and further designed. GoodNotes 4 supports writing and drawing with the Apple Pencil. It's additionally an excellent app for PDF annotation.

Additional Features

1 Flexible digital note-taking

2 You can easily convert Handwriting to text.

3 You can search the handwritten notes.

GoodNotes 4 is available on IOS app store where you can purchase this at a price of ?599.

4 Bear

best note taking app for ipad with apple pencil

Bear is another best note taking apps for iPhone and iPad on iOS platform which is giving some serious competition to Evernote and native iOS Notes app. It has all the functions like recording notes in the proper form of text, videos, images, and, sketches. Bear notebook app for iOS has impressed all of the users by its three-panel design which makes it simple for users to execute different tasks handily. You can sync notes between your iPhone, iPad, and MacBook easily. Sync facility isn't available in the free version of the app.

Additional Features

It has hashtag set up for creating categories and searching notes.

It can be exported in the numerous formats including Text, MD, PDF, RTF, HTML, JPEG, and DOCX.

Pro version of Bear notes app for iPhone offers three major features including syncing across devices, selection of themes for customization and advanced exporting options. Bear is available on IOS App Store and you have to purchase it at approx ?99 per month.

5 OneNote

best note taking app for iphone

OneNote is the perfect and best note taking apps for iPhone and iPad. It is Owned by Microsoft and OneNote app needs a Microsoft account to login. Organizational tools of the app are commendable. Notes are neatly arranged in a proper hierarchical structure containing pages, sections, and, notebooks. The app allows you to save notes in text, audio, links, and, videos. All of the notes are synced to cloud in OneDrive, OneDrive Business, and, Sharepoint. You are able to access your notes in the mobile phone, iPhone, MacBook, and other devices since the OneNote app is available on all platforms. The collaboration feature will let your colleagues access and edit notes in real time.

Additional Features

1 It has the inbuilt feature using which you can easily capture the image of a whiteboard and crop the content.

2 The built-in audio recording feature eliminates the requirement for using a 3rd party audio recording app.

OneNote is definitely an essentially free application with maximum file upload limit set at 100 MB. Users will also get 5 GB space to store notes on the cloud.


So, that's the list of top 5 best note taking apps for iPhone and iPad in 2018. Also, read "How to Create iCloud Account" and "Top 10 Best iPhone Mobile Data Usage Tracking Apps." Thanks for reading this post.