There are lots of things to know regarding the Chromecast. It is a device that is the revolution of the Internet. We can say this is the only gadget which will enable you to stream content form Smartphone and tablet to an HDMI compatible TV. However, chromecast limitations are not limited to this. There are lots of other features that Chromecast have. Today, we are going to discuss the top tricks that you can do with your Chormecast device.


  1. BIG SCREEN – Google’s mission with Chromecast is only for one reason and that is to use the app for bigger screen. If you want to see video see it in a bigger screen, if you want to see a movie see it in a bigger screen. If you want to cast any app then cast in a bigger screen. There is music, gamming, news etc too can be seen form TV with the help of Chormecast. With all these just enjoy your life. You can now cast your chrome tab on your desktop with the help of casting options. The Chromecast device will give you a giant photo slideshow. When your Chromecast is sitting idle, it will show the images that loaded into it. So, you would not have any waste of time. It’s just Chromecast is active all the time.
  2. STREAMING – Chromecast is the product of streaming. It will help you to stream all the local content. It will help you to stream all content in your Smartphone even the live programs as well. You can now use Videostream for Chromecast extension for an enhanced viewing experience. You can also use plex server where you will get the basic version free of cost. You need to know lots of other tricks here. There are shortcuts for streaming your content as well.
  3. NO INSTALLATION – The biggest advantage of Chromecast is that you don’t need to install any app neither on the streaming device nor on the TV. All kind of videos and audios streaming apps that are compatible with Chromecast will be able to play there. Using the Google cast in the Play Store will land all the collection of apps for you. You can now watch Netflix , YouTube , Twitch etc apps without installing the apps. For hardware there are also lots of advantages. Just connect your Chromecast with your x-box and then enjoy playing game too.
  4. HARDWARE TRICKS - Now Lets know the hardware tricks of Chromecast. You can now do factory reset and reboot in Chromecast very easily. There are lots of tweaks in settings. You can now change the name of your Chromecast device, its language, time zone and hour format. You can easily change your WIFI network of your device as well. Google will send you the Chromecast features way before than others as well. If you don’t have any WIFI adapter in your home you can connect your Ethernet cable with Chromecast with the help of an Ethernet adapter very easily. One of another benefit is that you can now control your Chromecast form any device. You can now control your Chromecast form any connected device as well.
  5. GAMING – There are lots of gaming features which you will get through Chromecast. While you are playing the game on Smartphone you can still cast that game in a big screen using your Chromecast for a better experience.
  6. VIRTUAL REALITY - Chromecast works with your Virtual Reality which is amusing as well. Google came out with its Chromecast update in July and it helped Samsung show off game-play to your friends on the Gear VR device. Hit the cast button and select the device you want to view your VR journey.
  7. LIVE PROGRAMS - With the help of Chromecast you can barodcast Facebook live or YouTube Live broadcast on a TV. Just make sure your device is casting fromTV so that you can send a face book live broadcast to a TV. Just hit the cast icon that appears on the screen.
  8. PRESENTATION - Slide showing is the great option for you if you use Chromecast. If you want to show your presentation from your phone to a larger screen then Chromecast is the best option for you. Just connect your phone and a big screen and then start playing the slideshows of your project. You can also use the Google slides to show your presentation with Chromecast too.
  9. TV-DJ FOR PARTY - Are you having a party and don’t have any DJ ? Then just plug your phone with your TV along with the speakers and then click Play and you Rock. For extra sound you can have some apps from Google and also add some hardware services along with it. You can also stream audio form here. You can use Chromecast audio for this as well.
  10. PHOTO SHOW – You can view pictures in a bigger screen using the Chromecast device. 
  11. BETTER YOUTUBING – With the help of Chromecast you can now watch  any YouTube channel hour after hour and minute after minute with your friends and family. With this features will make yourself at home.
  12. JOIN THE CHROMECAST PREVIEW PROGRAMM - Lets join the Chromecast preview program and with this and you will get latest Chromecast updates which are released to public. It will help you to know the updates and latest things. You will be install new and updated features as well.
  13. MIRROR ANDROID DEVICES - With this features you can make your Chromecast a mirror android device. From streaming video, live, YouTube and huge array of applications, it will make your device just a 2nd android device. If you are an android user you can mirror your device display to any TV. That means whatever is playing on the mobile screen will be shown on your TV screen. You can also mirror your desktop with this as well. If you want to mirror your entire computer desktop on a TV Via Chromecast, just open Chrome and click the action overflow button in the top right corner. Click Cast and click the downward arrow next to Cast to. Select Cast desktop, choose the Chromecast you want to use and, finally, click Cast to begin mirroring.
  14. GUEST MODE - If you, your friends and family are asking and they want to cast something on your television, you can make it very easy for them. Just enable Guest mode from Google home app and switch the devices to Guest Mode. Any nearby devices should connect to the Chromecast without being on the same network. The way this works is Chromecast sends a four-digit PIN to nearby devices by using an audio tone that you can't hear. If guests' phones don't detect the audio tone, they can simply enter the PIN manually. Now let’s enjoy the Guest Mode.
  15. WHEN YOU ARE TRAVELLER - When you are going to travel somewhere and you don’t want to stuck with the TV cable of the hotel, this device will help you a lot too. You can take this Chromecast while you are travelling. Just plug the Chromecast and enjoy.

    So, these were the above some features of Chromecast app. We will share more features in future posts. Let’s make your life simplier with this small, useful and simple device.