Alternatives of skype

Skype is a part of software. Everyone knows about skype . millions of people use skype for chat and call, Share messages , pictures and many more . skype also provide instant messaging service .Skype reached more than half billion registered users . Skype changing how people communicate with the integration of voice and instant messaging into one application.Its has its own mechanism for servers to route calls and data over the internet.Its known for its high definition calling.

It has strong business solution that are now mostly cloud based but as some recent case study many people used to avoid the use of skype because of too many crashes and mistrust with the Microsoft. So there are other same alternatices given below-


Whatsapp is one of the most popular chatting app. Its an instant messaging application that allows in different software like –Android ,smartphone users , Windows and many more .whatsapp specially popular with end users who do not have unlimit text messaging. And one of the most secure ways to communicate with each other. There are so many open and hidden features of whatsapp .

  • It can be hide whatsapp group photos and videos from gallery.
  • Also hide particular contacts from viewing your story.
  • You can read message without being given away blue ticks .
  • You also delete message after send them.
  • You also read deleted message.
  • You secured whatsapp message.
  • You can also share live location

In all that they used limited data .Its an free alternative app just like skype.

Google Hangout

Google hangout is similar like skype. You get instant chat up to 10 people at a same time. Go videos and audio group calls upto 10 peoples at a time . share screne sharing with additional features include sharing maps , emojis , GIF’s and stickers plus file sharing also . its paid and non paid depends on services. There are some more other feature are- It has HD video calls.
It has HD group conferencing.
It has auto screne focus.
Its has built in screan sharing service.
It has also instant messaging.
Supporting Plate forms –Android , IOS and The Web.


Jisti is a unique alternative of skype you do not need to install the jisti in app or create an account if you use the web app. Jisti is most popular in these days for their great features.
In jisti we use live streming via You tube.
Its completely free video conferencing solution that anyone can use.
Jisti supports advanced video routing convepts such scable video coding and bandwiwidth.
Available software – Windows , MACOS , Ios, Linux , Android and the web .


Talky is a no software required plate form .Its a true cross plate form chatting tool . In talky you have upto 14 – 15 peoples participates together Its a quickest , easiest way to start a video conversation with anyone. There is no requirement of signup and plugins

Its truly simple video chat no download or payment required. Its an IOS app available in app store. Talky is a webRTC app which means it is ready to launch within your own technology’s.


Viber is also a great alternative of skype . Its an instant messaging software its a both calling and messaging app that connect with people .It work on both mobile and computer. There are 100 million concurrent users of viber. Whatsapp and viber are both pruffing a game changer in the messaging app .Some features are-
It makes HD- quality calls and swith to video easily.
You create communities.
Communicate genuinely , and expressively.
You make audio and video calls.
Send texts messages, photos, videos and much more .
Plate forms – Android , Lunix and Mac.


GoToMeeting is another great Skype alternative that you can try. The platform includes both paid and free variants, with the free variant offering unlimited meetings for up to 3 participants, including features like screen sharing

  • Supports Mac, Windows PC, iOS  or Android devices
  • HD video and audio quality
  • Offers single click screen sharing, keyboard or mouse control sharing, draw & highlight on screen and many more features



This is another paid Skype alternative, but you can try it out for free for 14 days, no credit card required.

  •  HD 720P video and high quality audio  
  • Easy screen sharing, apps and file sharing and switching between files.
  • Highlight important parts of documents shared in the meeting, online whiteboard so that you can note down important points discussed in the meeting

So you can try nowe these alternatives and share your feedback with us if there are any.