If you're really irritated and frustrated with the existence of duplicate files on your laptop and computer, here we will let you know how to get rid of them and make your system run smoothly.

Whether we want or not, duplicate files are created in our computer drives on a daily basis. Duplicate files are really irritating. They not only slow down the performance of your computer but also clutter your device and makes it really complex to find the right version of the specific file. Thus, it necessary that you keep cleaning duplicate files on a periodic basis to ensure that your system works efficiently and its performance remains smooth. But how to find and clean them?

There are so many tools to deal with the duplicate files and remove them on your Windows 10 PC. Today we will explain how to get rid of duplicate files using the top 3 duplicate file finder and remover tools. The tools that we're going to introduce today are known as the best ones to deal with duplicate files on a PC.

Below are few tools - 

1) Search My Files
 If you're looking for an advanced tool to search duplicate files on your windows and remove them, probably this one is the best. This tool can perform advanced search operations for files that are created, modified, accessed previously in defined days etc.
It's all in one tool to find and delete unwanted files to boost the performance of your PC. Here is how you can use this tool to find and delete duplicates files available on your computer drives.

#Step 1
Download the application from any legal source, install and launch it.

#Step 2

Once you will launch the tool, a " search dialog" box will appear. Simply select "Duplicate search" there at top of the window.

Step 3

Now you need to choose the drive or folder that you want to search for duplicate files by clicking the "Browse" available as shown in the figure.

Step 4

If you want to perform an advanced search, there are options available like excluded files, subfolder wildcard, folder wildcard etc. that you can choose accordingly. 

Step 5

Now finally click on Start search. All the duplicate files will get arranged in groups and will appear on the screen. It will help you select all the unwanted duplicate files conveniently. 

Step 6

Search-My-Files-ste- 6
Once you're done with the above tasks, simply delete all the selected duplicate files. Check your recycle bin and if there are some duplicate files, delete them permanently. That's it. You have successfully deleted all the duplicated files available on your computer drives.

2) Ccleaner
 I guess you're already familiar with this tool. CCleaner is considered as one of the finest tools that can help you to find duplicate files on your Windows 10 PC and remove them. Have a look at the stepwise procedure to clean your disk with ease.

Step 1 
Simply search Cclean for your PC on google. There will be so many results and options to download and install the tool. Install and launch the application.

Step 2 

Select the "Tools" Option available there in the left sidebar menu.

Step 3

Now go to "Duplicate File Finder" available under “File Finder”.

Step 4

You can search files with default selection setting, but if want to do an advanced search you're allowed to do so by selecting the boxes available there.

Step 5

Ccleaner-ste- 5
Now select the target drive and folder that you want to scan. And click on search option.

Step 6

Ccleaner step 6
As soon as the search task end, you will get the list of duplicate files. Now you will have to select all those duplicate files that you want to delete. Finally, delete all the selected files. Bloom!!! Duplicate files are gone!!

3) Auslogics Duplicate File Finder
Most of the duplicate file finder and remover available are either complex or have so many options to confuse the user. Auslogics is the best among them with the simple and user-friendly interface that reduces the hassle of finding duplicate files and removing them. It's really easy to proceed with this tool. Have a look at its stepwise process.

Step 1
Download, Install and launch the application.

Step 2

The tool will analyze all the non-system files and folder available on drives. But if you want to perform the advanced search you can manually check the target folder and drive boxes available there.

Step 3

Auslogics  step 3

Start searching for the duplicate files by clicking "Search" option available there.

Step 4

Once the "Search" operation is completed successfully, you will get the list of duplicate files available on your drive. You can easily preview them and check their details. Also, you can apply filter here to sort the files on the basis of their size, date etc. Once everything is done, select all the duplicate files.

Step 5

Now simply click right on "Delete Selected Files". All the files will get transferred to your recycle bin. Visit recycle bin and delete the files permanently. That's it. All the duplicate files are removed from your drives now.

Some Pro Tips :
 1.  Install all the above-mentioned tools from legal sources only.

 2. Follow the steps as mentioned, missing any of them will result in failure.

 3. The time you select the duplicate files and delete them, ensure there are no important files in the list of selected duplicate files. You can't reverse the deletion process thus delete files carefully.

 4. Some of the above-mentioned applications will transfer duplicate files to the recycle bin after deleting them. So don't forget to delete them permanently by visiting the recycle bin.

So that’s how you can find duplicate files on your windows computer and delete them successfully. Hope the content help you to learn something new today and you will be able to remove all the duplicate files conveniently from your computer drives conveniently by following the steps that we have mentioned above.