Install Windows 10 on Mac

Want to know about How to install windows 10 on mac? Here we will introduce you How to install windows 10 on mac. So, read on to know the installation.

Are you want to install windows 10 on your mac? Is it possible? Apple is known for making great hardware. In late 2016, Apple gives the Boot camp feature to the Mac users by which they can easily experience the windows 10 on their mac. Boot camp is very stable. With the help of boot camp, you can easily enjoy the both MacOS and Windows 10 operating system in a single mac. When Windows 10 is launched its make many buzzes and lots of Apple fans want to use the windows 10. There are many reasons to install windows 10 on your mac, but one of the main reason is for the ultimate gaming experience. With the help of boot camp, you can easily install the windows 10 on your mac, and it is completely free of cost. Yes, you heard right. You don’t have to spend any single buck to experience the windows 10 on mac. So here we are guiding you on how to install windows 10 on your mac.

Step 1: Confirming your mac requirement

Before starting the process, make sure that your mac has the hardware and available space to handle the windows 10 installation. At least 2GB of ram and 32GB of free space needed in your mac. You also need a 16GB of flash drive by which Boot camp can install the windows 10 on your mac. Your Mac OS is to be updated to ensure that the Windows 10 run smoothly.

Step 2: Download the Windows 10 ISO file

  1. You have to visit the Microsoft website to download the Windows 10 ISO file.
  2. Go to the Microsoft Windows 10 ISO file page.
  3. Go down the page, and you will see the windows 10 in the windows 10-anniversary section.
  4. Select the Windows 10 Single language ISO Install Windows 10 on Mac
  5. Then select the languagebootcamp windows 10 drivers download
  6. Then select the 64 bit and download itbootcamp mac windows 10
  7. Save the windows 10 ISO file in the flash drive.

Step 3: Open the Boot camp

  1. Now it is the time to open the MacOS Boot camp. To open the Boot camp, you have to simply select the utility for mac
  2. There is an introduction screen will be open and offers you some information. It will also suggest creating the backup before installing the windows 10 on your mac..
  3. Select continue to proceed further.
  4. Select both options on the screen and proceed to install windows on mac
  5. In the next screen, the boot camp gives you the option to save the windows drivers and other supported software files.

You have to connect the external flash drive where you have to download the windows files and drivers for further installation. The downloading process will take some time.

Step 4: Create the partition for windows

After the driver completely downloads and install, the next step is to create the partition for the windows installation. The boot camp will assist you that 30 GB of space is required for the windows partition in which you can complete the installation process easier.

bootcamp windows 10 download

To increase the space GB, you have to simply slide the bar between Mac OS and windows partition until you will get the proper space for the windows installation. Once you get the desired space, click continue to install the partition process.

Step 5: Install the Windows 10

windows 10 for mac free

When the partition is successfully completed, now the boot camp will ask you to start the installation of windows 10 on your mac. In this, you will ask in which partition do you want to install the Windows 10 operating system. You have to simply choose the partition labeled boot camp and select format. Now click the install button, and the process will be started. The windows installation process will finish after some time. Then you have to choose the startup disk windows 10, so from now your mac will start with windows 10. Restart the computer and when it will open you will enjoy the windows 10 on your mac.

Touch Bar support

So if you are installing the windows 10 on the latest MacBook Pro with touch bar, you don’t need to worry. You will be still able to use the OLED touchpad while running windows 10 on your mac. Once you finish the boot of windows 10 on your mac, the touch bar will be working but not exactly as in macOS. The touch bar will still support the all essential basic function of your MacBook Pro like volume, play and pause, brightness and by the touch of a button you can easily switch to a standard F keys buttons.

How to get back on Mac OS from windows 10

The best part of boot camp is that you can easily switch between macOS and windows.

  1. Click on the show hidden buttons on the windows which are on the bottom of the right corner.install windows 10 on mac without bootcamp
  2. Click the boot camp icon.
  3. Then you will find the option called Restart in OS X, click it.

Now your Mac will restart, and you will be back in macOS. To switch back to windows 10, there is another way to switch it back. Just restart the mac and hold the option key on your keyboard until the boot menu appears. From the boot menu, you can easily select OS to load.

If you want to get the great experience of Windows 10 without any extra cost, just open your mac and follow the above instruction properly. After the successful installation of Windows 10 on your mac you will enjoy the windows 10.


So that’s how you can install windows 10 on mac. Hope you enjoyed reading this post and now you will be able to install windows 10 on mac appropriately. Also, read Top 10 Best Alternatives To Outlook and Best iOS Simulator and iOS Emulator For Windows 10. Do follow us to get more such techy updates.