You can enjoy new places every day on your desktop. Are you wondering how? Well it’s really easy and simple. Bing made it possible. It will give you not only the pleasant views but also the information like where is this place and you will be able to browse them as well. Isn’t it soundingwonderful? Actually the truth it is.You should try it out right away. Let me show you some ways how can you make it happen.

Using Bing Wallpaper app

By using an app called "Bing Wallpaper" you can set Daily Bing Wallpaper as Your Windows Desktop Background. Follow these easy steps to get what you want:

Step 1: Search Bing Wallpaper in the search bar and you will get something like following image. Or you can simply search from the Microsoft Store.

Bing Image 2-min.jpg

Step 2: Now you have to download the Bing Wallpaper App from the link.

Step 3: Then Run BingWallpaper.exe file

Step 4: After that click on the Install button. Then you will something like the following image.

Bing Image 4-min.jpg

Step 5: After loading the installation. The following box will show up. You can go through the options and customize it.

But make sure, you check/select "Make bing homepage image as your desktop background"

Bing Image 5-min.jpg

When you are done click on the Finish button.

Step 6: It is now installed in your PC/laptop. If prompted from your browser you should add the extension. To turn on the Hidden Items you have to open a folder then click on View button. From the View button tick mark the Hidden Items, and then your extensions will be turned on.

Bing Image 6-min.jpg

Step 7: After the successful installation of Bing Wallpaper app you will see a small Bing Desktop icona t the bottom of the window. Click on the little icon to open the Bing Wallpaper’s system tray.

Bing Image 7-min.jpg

Step 8: Then explore the Bing Wallpaper app in the system tray to set daily Bing Wallpaper as your Windows Desktop Background. You can customize the setting as per you want.

Bing Image 8-min.jpg

After you are done with the full process you can enjoy Bing Wallpaper as your Windows Desktop Background. These lively wallpapers will bring life to your desktop. Daily new Bing Wallpapers will introduce you to different places and you will learn more from them. If you are curious about this amazing feature of this app, then don’t waste your time just follow the above simple steps and enjoy this wonderful Bing Wallpaper app.

Another Method (Using Daily Picture App)

Another easy way to Set Daily Bing Wallpaper as your Windows Desktop Background is to download this super effective Daily Picture App from the Microsoft Store. The first thing you see after turning on the pc is the desktop display window. If you can treat your eyes with beautiful Bing Images, why wouldn’t you try it?Well you should give it a shot. Let’s see the easy steps to do so.

Step 1: At first open the Microsoft Store using the search bar from your computer, when the Microsoft store opens search for Daily Picture App and click get it.

Bing Image 9-min.png

Step 2: After clicking Get you need to install the app. After the installation is done launch the app, when you launch the app you will see the current Bing homepage wallpaper like below

Bing Image 10-min.png

Step 3: You will be able to slide the wallpaper left or right to check out all the wallpapers of Bing. Now click on the menu, three dots from the left bottom corner. Then click on the settings button.

Step 4: After that you can see two options Use Bing image as lock screen(Change your lock screen on actual Bing image daily)and Use Bing image as Desktop wallpaper(Change your desktop wallpaper to actual Bing image daily). Turn on Use Bing image as Desktop wallpaperto Set Daily Bing Wallpaper as your Windows Desktop Background.

Bing Image 11-min.png

By using the above four simple steps you can set Daily Bing Wallpaper as your Windows Desktop Background. I would recommend you to try this quick method of getting Daily Bing wallpapers for your desktop background.

Method Three using Dynamic Theme App

You can change or set bing wallpaper as your Windows Desktop Background by using Dynamic Theme app as well. You can easily find this app from the Microsoft store. Hence, let’s go find the way of setting our windows desktop background with beautiful daily Bing Wallpaper.

Step 1: Firstly open Microsoft Store and search for Dynamic Theme App and click get to install it.

Step 2: After the successful installation of the Dynamic theme app you can see a screen. From there select settings.

Step 3: Thenclick on the Background, and select Bing from the drop-down menu to Set Daily Bing Wallpaper as Your Windows Desktop Background.

Step 4: After selecting the Bing, it will appear in the Preview background pane. Then click on the Updateoption to finally set the Bing Wallpaper as your desktop background.

Now you know three fine and easy ways to set bing wallpaper as your Windows Desktop Background daily. Try out these methods and enjoy new wallpapers directly from bing everyday.