There have been lots of major Windows 7 game releases in present and past few years which could be a great choice to look at a few of the hottest offline games for the gamers. There are the several best PC offline games for windows 7 which have enthralling single-player gameplay. So here is the list of top offline games for laptop in windows 7.

1 Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Top 10 Offline Games For Laptop In Windows 7

Wolfenstein is the longest running PC game series that begins in the 1980s. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is the newest addition to the franchise that starts from where in actuality the New Order left off. This first-person person blaster features an interesting alternative history story and all of the intense Nazi-busting action that made the series great. The game is compatible with Windows 7. Although the game is based on 1961, the developers have given the overall game a sci-fi feel by including futuristic weaponry, which players can mix along with dual wielding, and robotic enemies to mow down.  New Colossus also looks frighteningly real with photo-realistic graphics that bring the overall game alive. So it is the best offline game for laptop in windows 7 to play.

2 Civilization VI

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Civilization VI is a strategy based game series which has an incredible number of fans where players expand vast empires. Civilization VI is the most recent installment to the series that Firaxis Games released in 2016, and for several, it is one of the greatest Civ games yet. Civ VI is possibly the most fully featured addition to the franchise to date. You are able to run Civilization VI on Windows 7. Probably the most notable is its new city-building system, otherwise city unstacking, that allows players to create buildings in several forms of outer districts. Civ VI has a revised tech that's far more integrated to the specific geographical terrain of a player's nation, which adds more depth to the gameplay. Overall it is another best offline game for a laptop in windows 7 to enjoy.

3 Divinity: Original Sin II

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Divinity: Original Sin II is both an individual player and multiplayer game that will refresh the RPG genre on Windows 7 in 2017. Actually, this is the most effective Windows games for this entire year. Original Sin II is an excellent RPG occur the immersive world of Rebellion that players can freely explore. The overall game includes a deep turn-based combat system that provides the battles unprecedented tactical scope. This can be a flexible RPG that allows players to generate their very own fully customized characters and even design their particular scenarios with the Game Master Mode. Original Sin II also offers some terrific music and sparkling graphics. So it is an offline game for laptops in windows 7 to play.

4 Prey

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Prey is really a futuristic single-player first-person shooter set on the space orbiting the moon in 2032. It is nearly like BioShock in space that imitates that game's formula within the Art Deco space station of Talos 1. Prey will work on 64-bit Windows 7 platform. The Prey game stars Morgan Yu who survives like an outbreak aboard Talos I, albeit without remembering much that happened before it, and must discover a way to defeat the Typhon which has overrun the space station. The Mimics are shapeshifting Typhon aliens that Morgan must annihilate within Talos 1, and those four-legged spiders really are a great addition to the game. So Prey is another excellent offline game for laptops in windows 7.

5 Tides of Numenera

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Tides of Numenera is really a successor to the classic Planescape: Torment RPG. The Tides of Numenera finally launched in February 2017 and it will be based on the science fantasy tabletop RPG series created by Monte Cooke. You can enjoy this game on 64-bit Windows 7. Tides of Numenera has been one of the greatest recent RPG releases on Windows which has captivated players using its story-driven gameplay and intriguing setting that blends science fiction with fantasy. It is more of an old-school RPG that's heavy on text narrative, and it contains many sprawling side quests combined with the main quest. The overall game features an epic story that offers wide choices for players. So it’s the best offline game for laptops in windows 7.

6 Bayonetta

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Bayonetta is really a classic action-adventure game that debuted on the consoles in 2009. The overall game enthralled console players using it extravagant combat, but only in 2017 has SEGA bothered to create out a revamped Windows port for Bayonetta. Still, it's better late than never; and you can now play this glorious single-player action game on Windows 7. This game stars the revived shapeshifting and gun-wielding witch Bayonetta on a journey to get the mystical MacGuffin. It is really a pulsating third-person action game where Bayonetta slays angles by the bucket load. The overall game includes a renowned combat system that incorporates myriad combos for players to accomplish and dodges to freeze enemies with Witch Time. It is the another best offline game for laptops in windows 7 and you will really enjoy the game

7 Total War: Warhammer 2

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Total War: Warhammer 1 brought SEGA's Total War series in the Warhammer universe for the very first time. SEGA and Creative Assembly have wasted little amount of time in releasing the sequel Total War: Warhammer 2, which will be the next installment to a planned trilogy. Total War: Warhammer 2 is the best new Windows strategy games. Players can choose from the Lizardmen, Skaven, High Elves and Dark Elves factions which are battling it out to seize the Great Vortex. Similar to Total War games, Warhammer 2 combines intense real-time 3D battles with a sprawling turn-based strategy campaign map. It is also the best offline game for a laptop in windows 7.

8 FIFA 18

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FIFA 18 is one the best offline game for the soccer lovers. It's a polished version of the previous FIFA 17 game. It comes with an increase of realistic images of your preferred soccer superstars, it also offers new match intro sequences showing players from the various teams starting to warm up in the tunnel. The brand new FIFA 18 is full of action-packed game that is likely to deliver breather, taking arcade experience to soccer fans which you can play on the windows 7.

9 Grand Theft Auto V

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Grand Theft Auto V is mainly referred to as GTA, GTA has made its mark in the gaming field. Every 2nd person knows the GTA game. GTA V is an offline game where you can play single mode or story mode and it is also an all-in-one game because it has car and bike racing, missions, different dressing for different tasks. The overall game is filled up with many light moments as you're able to perform the real character in the game.

10 Need For Speed Payback

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Need For Speed- Payback is another best next-generation offline car racing game you'll find. It features over many different cars from the big names in race car manufacturing like GTA-Spano, Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, JAGUAR, FERRARI, SRT Viper, Porsche, BUGATTI, AUDI, BMW, NISSAN, and MITSUBISHI. This game comes with an additional feature called auto log which will help you go online and race with friends and family in fair haven city.


So that's the list of top 10 offline games for laptop in windows 7, hope you have enojyed it, other games are like Zombie Apocalypse, Alien Shooter 2 etc for Windows 7.

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