With the advance of the mobile technology and the likes of Android and iOS taking over and dominating the mobile world, many people are shunning the idea of buying a windows mobile gadget. The windows ten is the latest version of the Microsoft Windows operating system and was released to the public on the 29th of July 2015 and succeeded the windows 8 version. However, if you feel the need and desire to purchase this product at least you should buy it with some knowledge about it and the ten points below will give you an understanding of the windows ten mobile device


Below Listed Are The Top 10 Things To Consider Before Buying Windows 10 Mobile Device

No new hardware features for the windows ten mobile device

On the month of October 2017, Microsoft announced that it would no longer build new hardware or features as this was no longer the focus of the company and has shifted to concentrate on the development of quality and high-class apps for the Android and the iOS rather than building the apps for their windows mobile products. So you should know that if you purchase the windows device its probably that you are enthusiastic about it while buying an Android or iOS device will give you longer usage as they have a long lifespan of three to four years.

Windows have great live tiles

Live tiles are the main feature that differentiates the android and the iOS from the experience of mobile windows. Instead of a group of apps held together, the windows device separates each app to appear as its own tile. Most tiles can change their sizes from the small or medium square to the large rectangular shape. When the tile is at the large or medium size it shows information within the app, for example, the Microsoft weather app shows local weather conditions and the forecast for the next three days in one app.

The Cortana feature is awesome


This is the Microsoft personal digital assistant and is a very important feature of the windows ten device and also does the same the same thing as Cortana for the Android and iOS which is the ability to integrate with the windows ten on personal computers. For example, when you set a prompt or reminder on your phone you can get the exact replica on the PC. Cortana also allows you to do other duties such as finding information from Netflix by integrating with other third-party mobile apps found on the window 10 devices.

Windows Hello is less of a security feature

Windows Hello is a new security feature with in-built biometrics that supports the recognition of the iris. The feature works well but its downside is that it can be slow and fail to work in the sunlight. If you have to use this feature it’s required of you to ignore Hello’s commands and move it closer to your eye for better recognition. It is also possible to hold your phone far away from you to prevent the functioning of windows, Hello, but after trying a few more times and disregarding the warning of moving closer to the phone the window hello will definitely work well. The window mobile devices have definitely some points that make it marketable and allows your phone to power an experience like that of a PC with the continuum feature however the future of the windows mobile device is not guaranteed a reason why you should stick with Android or iOS devices.

Windows 10 mobiles don’t have all apps

Although the windows10 devices have most of the apps that are also found in iOS or Android gadgets it still has some features missing like the YouTube and snap chat apps that may never be found on the platform. Third-party app is not quite reliable and can be sure that a new app that is taking the mobile world by storm from the Android and iOS side may never appear on the windows devices

Removal of FM radio


Before purchasing the windows 10 it is important to note that that the app for the FM radio will cease to be available to the future phone devices. This can be a great disadvantage especially if you are a frequent listener of radio through your device.

The absence of indoor maps

For some locations and areas, the indoor maps are no longer present and the map app does not seem to work anymore so the next time you upgrade your device remember that this feature will not be applicable anymore.

Kids corner feature removal

With the installation of the windows 10 upgrade on your windows mobile device, your kid’s favorite corner feature is likely to be removed.

The absence of notification prompt

After upgrading your windows device next time you may fail to see the notifications for the missed calls emails and messages on the contact tiles as they were not supported during the release of Windows 10 mobile phones. 

The group tiles will no longer be used to acquire new updates of the social networking.

After an update of windows 10 the above-mentioned feature will not be useful.

After reading this and realizing what is happening to the windows 10 mobile devices it is up to you to make informed decisions on whether to stick to using the Windows 10 mobile device, buy one or shift to using Android and iOS devices.