Do you think your iPhone can be affected by Viruses? Well, whether you believe or not, the truth is "Yes."
With a virus-infected iPhone, hackers can theft your information, can harm you and may use your details illegally. There are various other significant effects of having a virus-infected iPhone. If your encountering virus based issues on your iPhone, today we will help you to remove the virus from your iPhone. Read on to know how.

How To Know If Your iPhone Is Virus Infected?

It's a misconception of individuals that an iPhone can't be affected by viruses. Although, iPhone never allow third-party applications to get installed still apps are vulnerable to malicious attacks. These days individuals love to overload their smartphone with personal information including bank account details, passwords, and other vital details, that means there is huge chance to suffer high losses with a virus affected iPhone. Thus, its necessary to take immediate actions to remove the virus from iPhone and prevent the losses. Here we have provided some vital signs that will help you to know whether your iPhone is virus infected or not.

1. Is Your Data Getting Used Heavily?

If your iPhone is sucking more and more data like never before, probably your phone has the virus. The virus keeps running in the background and utilizes your data to send details to another device. Also, if you're not using an unlimited internet plan, it will cost a lot.

2. Say Not To Follow Popup Links.

Many websites support popup ads. Viruses usually cause these popup ads and install malicious software that can potentially damage and infect your iPhone. If you encounter frequently appearing popups
With shady product link, never follow such links and scan your iPhone for viruses.

3. Do Apps Keep Crashing On Your Iphone?

Whenever you find your applications are crashing, that means there is malware on your iPhone.  Viruses use to temper the operation of iPhone, and thus apps keep crashing. If you encounter such app crashing issues, you need to remove the virus from your iPhone as a priority. Updating all your iPhone apps regularly is the best way to protect your iPhone from viruses.

4. Does Your iPhone's Battery Drain Fast?

As said earlier, malware or viruses keep running in the background, and thus it affects the battery backup of your phone. Therefore, if you are encountering any issue with your iPhone's battery backup, there can be malware installed on your iPhone. Don't ignore this, remove the virus from your iPhone immediately other you may have to pay a significant cost.

5. Are You Paying More Bills?

Hackers and scammers use malware to target your iPhone device and collect all your essential details including bank account and passwords. Once they get all the bank information, you may have to pay unknown extra charges and bills. Also, if you're getting massive phone bills these days, probably a malware installed on your iPhone is sending Information to the hacker or scammer via messages. So, if you're getting massive bills and paying extra charges, that means there is a virus in your iPhone, and you need to remove this virus as soon as you can to ensure the safety of your device and your essential personal information.

So, now you know the vital signs that indicate your iPhone is virus infected. What's next now? Want to know how to remove the virus from your iPhone? Read on to know...

How to Remove The Virus From iPhone?

Finally, if you're sure now that your iPhone is virus infected, and you want to remove the virus from iPhone, here we will help you to do so. Below we have provided three efficient ways to remove the virus from iPhone. Have a look and proceed with your iPhone as instructed.

1) Clear Browser History and Cookies Of Your Safari Browser

If you're using safari browser and you get redirected to some other unknown pages, either a malware is attacking your or because your app is misbehaving. Better you take some advance step here to ensure the safety. Clearing your safari browser data and history can be a great idea here to overcome the issue and remove the virus from your iPhone. Follow the below instructions:
Settings >> Safari >> Clear History and Website Data


That's it.

2) Restore Recent iPhone backup

If you're sure that you're iPhone is affected by a virus or malware, restoring previously or recently created backup on your iPhone is the best way to remove the virus from your iPhone.  By restoring previously created backup, your phone will get back in old days when your phone was running smoothly and was not infected by any virus. You can restore backup from either iTunes or iCloud on your PC. If you're not familiar with the process, we have explained everything in our another post. Have a look at "How To Transfer Your Data From Your Old iPhone To A New iPhone" and follow the instructions provided to restore the backup. Once you will restore the previous data, you will remove the virus from your iPhone.

3) Wipe All The Data and Reset Your iPhone

If nothing is working, you're not able to remove the virus from your iPhone using  #1 and #2 methods as we have elaborated above, this method is the most effective approach to remove the virus from your iPhone and it will 100% work. Hard reset your device, and it will remove the virus from your iPhone effectively. Follow the below instructions to hard reset your iPhone.
Settings >> General >> Reset >> Erase All Contents and Settings

In the end, confirm your action via putting your password in the box available on your screen. That's it; you've successfully removed the virus from your iPhone.


So that's how you can detect the virus on your iPhone and remove the virus from your iPhone. Hope content has some great information and a guide that will help you to deal viruses and keep them away from your iPhone. Keep following us to get more techy tips, guide, updates, and tutorials.