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Digital gaming has always been a sensational obsession for many of the gamers around the globe and innumerable of creators serving the divertissement on each successive day. Although, the platform of gaming is constantly upgrading and tending to delineate the attraction of every one of the two people. However, a comparison is recently being undertaken by various people in regarding of Pubg vs Fortnite. Undoubtedly, both of the games are loaded with great features. Apart from the comparison, it is quite confusing to choose between the Pubg vs Fortnite; which one is best to play? So, without fiddle about, let’s get into it.

The PubG

pubg vs fortnite player count

Players unknown battleground was developed by battle royale-style games.  the concept of Pubg was designed is quite similar to the real world and achieved popularity straight after the game drops in the market. The whole journey begins with a cool looking plane offering to drop the players at their designated destination over a selected map. Once the player is landed on the ground, the survival for endurance begins. The player ransacks for the armory and equips them for upstanding performance.

The survival can be done with partners, as the game featured with the custom server providing space for 100 players including duo and squad as an option. The map consists of divergent location and it is compulsory to reach the safe zone through the help of vehicles like cars, bikes, and boats before a giant blue devastating shield begins to cover the map throughout (limits the play area). Aftermost, the remaining one relish with chicken dinner.

The Fortnite

pubg vs fortnite which is better

By looking further in the comparison of Pubg vs Fortnite, Epic Games' launches Fortnite and allured everyone as well. However, the concept of the Fortnite reflects the basics of Pubg. The savor of the game starts with a party bus allowing the player to burst forth randomly over a fancy map. The match encloses a space for 100 players, against one another. Also, the game is provisioned with custom servers. unlike Pubg, it allows the player to build a mystic fort (the player can build the fort by putting on the walls, floors, ceilings, and ramps ) in order to survive.

If we compare the armory of Pubg vs Fortnite, the armaments in Pubg is direct clashes with the real world army and it includes shotguns, assault rifles, and submachine guns. Additionally, the axe and knives are asserted to take out the opponent. The weaponry of Fortnite is offbeat to Pubg. Nonetheless, the Fortnite has the cartoonish interface but the assault rifles, hunting rifles, sniper rifles, pistols, revolvers, rocket launchers, grenade launchers establish the real world appearance. Both the games include Aiming scopes to eliminate a distant target, but their frequency for area coverage varies with the pieces of equipment.

However, it is difficult to choose between the Pubg vs Fortnite by virtue of their gaming style and the choice for nominating the best game varies with the opinion of an individual.

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