Is your Windows 10 PC's CPU get extremely hot frequently? Here we will help you to monitor CPU temperature in windows.Although windows doesn't have built-in feature to check temperature but we can use some other third-party apps or check temperature using BIOS.

Overheating can lead to several issues and can affect the overall performance of your PC, like spontaneous shutdown cases, locking up and sluggish performance. It's important to keep an eye and monitor CPU temperature in Windows PC to ensure that your PC keeps operating at its best.

Well, Windows 10 or any of its version doesn't come with any tool or programme to check or monitor CPU temperature. Still, if you want to monitor CPU temperature in windows, you will have to get into  Windows System's BIOS, and that's really a sophisticated way to check or monitor CPU temperature in Windows. It requires in-depth skills, and probably you will not be able to get the details so quickly.

So, to overcome all the hassles of monitoring CPU temperature in Windows 10, we have so many third-party apps and tools that help users to monitor CPU temperature in windows effortlessly in real time. So, In this post I'm going to introduce some free software and programs that will help you to check your processor temperature quickly.

But before we introduce you with those tools to monitor CPU temperature in windows, it's necessary that you get familiar with some basic concepts and details. So, let's discuss them first.

How Do I Know If My CPU Is Extremely Hot?

The threshold heat limit depends on what processor your system has. The tools that I'm going to introduce you with shows temperature details as "Tj," that's temperature junction. It is the maximum temperature of your hardware. Maximum or threshold temperature is the limit at which your processors usually stop working and shut down to prevent the damages that can take place. Here is the temperature guide for the processor unit of your computer that will help you to understand things more appropriately.

  • Below 60 Degrees: That's the ideal temperature indicating everything is okay.
  • Between 60 and 70 degrees: It indicates that your CPU is getting quite warm but still running fine.
  • Between 80 and 90 Degrees: Now it's the right time to check out your system's hardware and characteristics. This range of temperature is the result of either fan failure or dust build up. So, fix the things accordingly.
  • Beyond 90 degrees: Its high time to take it seriously and take strong action to avoid significant damages and accidental cases.  

So, that's the basics to monitor CPU temperature in windows that we think you should know.

Enough jargon, let's proceed to the main objective of this post now...

4 Best And Free Tools To Monitor CPU Temperature In Windows 10

There are so many tools and apps available on the internet to monitor CPU temperature in windows 10. Here is the best-picked list of those apps that are free and work satisfactory to monitor CPU temperature in windows.  

1. Core Temp

how to monitor CPU temperature in Windows

When it comes to monitoring CPU temperature in Windows, Core Temp performs as best of its kind. However, while installing this tool, you will have to be wise enough to avoid the installation of bolt ware. While installing have an eye on all the box that you are checking.

After the installation, launch it, and it will show you a no-frills look at the active state of processor your system has. It will also help you to analyze the average temperature reading at the rightmost bottom of windows interface.

In case if you want more details, it can help you to see and monitor every CPU core of your Windows PC. What's more?

how to check cpu temp windows 7

It will allow you to customize the system tray to define what CPU characteristics you actually want to see and monitor. Overall, it's one of the best tools to monitor CPU temperature in windows easily.

2. HWinfo (HardwareInfo)

If you prefer to explore the in-depth details, HWinfo is definitely a must-have tool to monitor CPU temperature in windows. It will help you to examine each and every aspect, from basic to advance, of your windows system's hardware.

Also, if you want to use this tool and run in sensor only mode, you can do so by accessing its CPU section and there you will see the current temperature and all the other details you need. Overall, it is the best CPU monitoring tool for Windows 10 that will help you to explore in-depth information of the entire system.

3. NZXT Cam Software

cpu temperature gadget

It's another favorite monitor tool among PC users to monitor CPU temperature in windows. It comes with an accessible and user-friendly user interface that will elaborate every detail of your system's CPU in an easy to read manner. It can help you to explore all kind of essential information about Graphics Card, CPU, Storage and Memory of your windows 10 system.

best cpu temp monitor

Its features and functionalities are not limited to only monitor CPU in Windows, but it also has FPS overlay and overclocking features to make things easier and impress you. What's more? The best thing is NZXT's monitoring tool can help you to keep an eye on all your software through its official mobile application whenever you are not able to access your PC physically.

So, with all its advance feature, functionalities and easy to use UI, it's another best tool to monitor CPU temperature in windows.

4.  SpeedFan

check cpu temperature windows 7

It's another excellent tool to monitor CPU temperature in windows. What makes it best is it's easy to use features and UI that explains every detail about CPU in a readable manner. It comes with decent features and abilities that will not disappoint you at all, especially when it comes to monitoring CPU temperature in windows.  

In short, if you're looking for an easy to use tool with great feature and functionalities to monitor CPU temperature in windows, SpeedFan is a Must-Have tool for you.

5. Speccy


Speccy is fast, lightweight, advanced system information tool for your PC. See a quick summary, or dive deeper into every aspect of your PCs hardware so you can make informed upgrade and purchasing decisions.

It displays detailed system info related to the CPU, RAM, motherboard, operating system, graphics card, storage disks, and other hardware.

Besides the free version of Speccy, the company offers a premium version with customer support and automatic updates.

How To Fix CPU temperature Issues Manually/Physically?

how to check cpu temp windows 10

If you're facing temperature issues with your system's processor unit frequently, then follow the below steps to fix it and make things perfect for your system.

Step 1: Start With Cleaning Your PC

Most of the time, these high-temperature issues arise due to dust buildup inside your system and that results in clogging of fans, etc. So, checkout the fan, if it is clogged then clean and if it's damaged then replace it with another one. Also, make sure that none of your PC vents are blocked. Hopefully, it will fix the issue. If you still face extreme temperature issues with your PC, try the next approach provided in step 2.

Step 2: This is entirely advance approach to fixi the high-temperature CPU issues in windows. You will have to remove the thermal paste from the unit with the help of alcohol. All you need to do is merely rub alcohol on the particular thermal paste, and it will get removed quickly. Right after than apply new thermal paste layer over there. Also, we recommend not to go through this approach if you have soft skills only. It's an advanced approach to minimize the CPU temperature in windows and if you don't have hardware skills, just avoid it. Follow the above method that we have mentioned and still if things are not fixed visit your nearest store. For those who can proceed with this approach, it will surely help to get rid of  CPU heating issues in windows 10.

Pro Tips:

  1.  All the tools that we have mentioned in the first section of the post are easy to use and work really well to monitor CPU temperature in Windows. However, while installing those tools to monitor CPU temperature in Windows, make sure you're installing right files and not any bolt ware. Download and install those tools from legal and official sources to prevent the potential losses.
  2. Methods that we have introduced to fix extreme temperature issues in the post are based on advanced approaches and are only for those users with a grip of hardware skills. So, if it's not for you then avoid it, or you will damage the unit of your windows PC.


So, that's all about how to monitor CPU temperature in windows and fix the issue with two advanced approaches. Hope you like the post, and it has delivered some valuable information to you. Keep following us to get more techy tutorial and guideposts. Also, share this post with your friends and family facing similar issues to let them know how they can monitor CPU temperature in windows and fix it.

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