Apple iPhone X- The Best Smartphone Ever

Apple is now all set to release its best smartphone ever i.e. iPhone X, also officially known as iPhone 10 as the industry has completed its 10 years of success in the market. Despite being the costliest iPhone till now, it has changed the market dynamically as the demand is high.

iPhone X has come with 5.80 super retina diagonal display and weighs 174.00 grams.

The phone is titled as the best smartphone ever” because of its various advantages over the other phones and these features have made people go crazy about iPhone X.



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Why is it the best smartphone ever despite its high price?

 Here are some few brief points describing the main advantages of iPhone X over the other smartphones which have made it the best smartphone till now.


1) OLED display

This display in iPhone X offers the resolution 2436 x 1125  at 458 ppi and is capable of Dolby Vision and HDR 10. This display is grabbing the attention of many people as it is more efficient than the previous iPhone’s display. The screen has 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio with vivid color support. This is the best in the iPhone series so far.


2) No Home Button

The phone has knocked off the only home button present and has made it corner-corner display. Home button’s functions are now being replaced by iOS 11 features. Because of the lack of a home button, iPhone X does not have touch ID biometric security.


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3) Biometric Security

iPhone X will not have the fingerprint reader, unlike the other smartphones. Apple has made the phone more secure as you can now unlock the phone with ‘Face ID’ along with the 6 digits PIN entered feature. This feature will allow the front camera to recognize your face for unlocking the phone. The camera will notice the biometric features on the face and whenever the match is found, it will unlock the phone.


4) Specifications

A11 Bionic chip, present in iPhone X, has made it most powerful smartphone till now. The chip is considered to be the smartest chip ever as it features neural engine, which is capable of handling features like recognizing Face ID, Animoji etc.. The chip has made the phone to last for 2 hours more than the previous one. Four-core CPU is up to 70% faster and three-core GPU is up to 30% faster than the earlier A10 fusion.


5) Camera

iPhone X is designed to capture the highest quality video as compared to the other smartphones. Rear camera of iPhone X consists of two 12 megapixels lenses offering dual optical image stabilization and have an aperture of f/1.8 and f/2.4. Front TrueDepth camera is 7 megapixels and you can now use Portrait mode while taking selfies. 

The other features include water and dust resistance, wireless charging, small screen and low weight as compared to iPhone 8 plus. It also has 10x  digital zoom for photos and 6x for videos, etc. The phone is available in 64 GB and 256 GB only and the color options are silver and space gray because of its stainless steel body.


Because of A11 chip present, iPhone X has scored 4188 in single-core and 10069 in multi-core performance rather than the Samsung Galaxy S8  which has scored 2024 and 6719 respectively. The above features along with the continued advantages of the previous iPhones beat the other smartphones in the market and make it worth its price.