In one of the previous article, we have mentioned How to open XML file in windows 10? (What is XML format?), now in this article, I have listed various free XML viewer software available for you to use and view XML properly or edit XML in it.

1. XML Explorer (Free trial)

This can be a free open source XML viewer software for Windows. it's also a lightweight software available in an exceedingly portable package. With the help of this software, you'll be able to check large XML files with size up to 300MB.

XML Explorer is an XML and schema editor, XML data analyzer. It's easy and simple, capable of displaying multiple views.

You can convert Microsoft Excel, Access, and any ODBC data to XML format.



  • Basic XML node elements and their values. you'll also copy typed XML The tree view allows you to quickly display and retrieve data and also the evaluation of XPath expressions.
  • This section automatically runs XML Schema validation of the input XML file to see whether the XML file structure conforms to the XML Schema. Any irregularities found are highlighted within the sort of errors.
  • Font (manually adjusting text color, text style, text size, etc.) and Highlighting (highlighting different XML elements with different colors ) to mark the display environment of your XML file.
  • After displaying the XML file, you'll be able to use the save tool to save lots of the file with or without format.
  • Copy (Base64 Decoding) Formatted External XML Copy Node Provides multiple copy operations, including copy to XPath address bar.

2. XML Tree Editor (Free)

It is one of the best free and open-source XML viewer software for Windows and Linux. As its name suggests, it's presented in an exceedingly tree-structured format with nodes and attributes which will be displayed and edited in XML files. it's mainly used for viewing and editing XML configuration files without much technical knowledge. It also includes Pascal Lazarus for straightforward compilation to numerous target platforms. Take a look at the most features of this open-source XML viewer here.


  • The software includes built-in Free Pascal Lazarus, which is absolutely easy to compile for various target platforms.
  • Commands is available for comments include add, delete, and edit.
  • The text node isn't separated from the container tag and may contain almost anything.
  • The program is user-definable and is given two XML configuration files.
  • The search features that this software must provide include searching using text values.
  • XML Tree Editor supports language translations, and therefore the only tool you would like to make a brand new translation is that the program itself.
  • The commands that you simply can use for the XML tag are: Add, edit, delete, rename, move to a different location within the tree, copy to a different location, copy from another referenced XML document.
  • Very customisable - the program has two XML configuration files.

3. QXmlEdit (Free)

This can be another free and open-source XML viewer software for Windows, macOS and Linux.

As its name suggests, it's primarily an XML editor software, and allows you to simply edit almost any aspect of an XML file. The software displays the complete XML code of the get into its interface. It also uses color to differentiate different elements of an XML file. additionally to the present many code editing, formatting, verification, etc. tools are included. Visible Tools: you'll use the Visible Tools to indicate or hide leaf children, show or hide child indexes, hide siblings, and show relationships between attributes in an exceedingly graphical format.


  • This software uses colors to tell apart between elements of XML code like blue to stress tags, black to emphasise text, and red to emphasise values.
  • This software offers multiple editing tools. you'll edit the essential code, attributes, tags, and other elements of the XML code.
  • Adding child elements, adding comments as elements provide many useful tools like inserting elements into XML Schema, inserting snippets, and more.
  • This software includes a basic interface for quick keyboard shortcuts like delete, add, item, and shut child, internal XML, insert, etc.
  • XML Data Visualization: This feature allows you to visualize the info within the kind of a graph showing the connections between different elements of the XML file.

4. XML Notepad (Free)

It is available as free open-source XML viewer software for Windows. This viewer allows you to look at XML data within the kind of Tree View and Code View (showing the entire XML code). Additionally, we offer editing tools that capable you to insert and edit various criteria of an XML file. Besides XML, it also can be accustomed to display XLS, XSD, and CSV files. Below you'll be able to see the most features of this open-source XML viewer.


  • Ability to load .csv and .htm files converting them to XML.
  • Tree View synchronized with Node Text View for quick editing of node names and values.
  • Incremental search (Ctrl+I) in both tree and text views, so as you type it navigates to matching nodes.
  • Drag/drop support for easy manipulation of the tree, even across different instances of XML Notepad and from the file system.
  • Infinite undo/redo for all edit operations.
  • In place popup multi-line editing of large text node values.
  • Configurable fonts and colors via the options dialog.
  • Full find/replace dialog with support for regex and XPath.
  • Good performance on large XML documents, loading a 3MB document in about one second.

5. Xerlin (Free)

Xerlin is also a free open-source XML viewer software for Windows. This software allows you to look at XML files in tree structure view. you'll be able to also edit attributes and elements in XML files. The software can use all standard XML rendering and editing functions. Let's try.


  • Show XML Tree: This software shows all the weather of an XML goes into a tree structure that permits the user to determine the most elements without a complete ASCII text file.
  • Edit: you'll be able to easily edit the worth of a part, add a replacement element, add a replacement attribute, etc. using this software.
  • XML Library functionality for sharing content between documents
  • Validation: Another useful feature that permits you to validate the structure of DTD and schema XML files.

6. Adobe Dreamweaver (Free Trial)

It's one of the oldest platforms users can use to style and build websites. First released in 1997, Dreamweaver continuously introduces new features and options to fulfill the ever-growing needs of website owners. Today, it's vital to explain, label, and structure your data.This helps the machine quickly understand the content of a selected document or website.

XML (Extensible Markup Language) remains widely accustomed describe, store, and send data from the net via tags that outline data structures. Dreamweaver is one of the simplest tools available for reading and editing XML files. you'll create an XML file and incorporate it into your XSLT data.


  • Importing and exporting XML content
  • Linking XSLT pages to XML pages
  • Edit/Open XML files quickly and easily.
  • Treeview available

7. XML Viewer Plus (FREE)

XML Viewer Plus is basically a text editor written specifically for viewing and editing XML files. However, it also has the ability to validate the XML structure and format the code.

XML Viewer Plus is a portable utility that only needs to be one executable file. No installation is necessary.



  • Edit or open XML files
  • XML Viewer Plus is a portable utility that only needs to be one executable file, so no installation is necessary.

8. Firstobject's free XML editor

Firstobject's free XML editor for Windows is called foxe. It loads big files (multi-megabyte) fast and lets you format XML and edit HTML and any loosely formed XML or other markup. The tree view is editable and customizable for useful navigation.


  • Performs fast; built on CMarkup
  • Does not require Java or MSXML
  • Light compact design, small footprint
  • Portable software, single exe
  • High performance text editing and parsing of text files, aligning and indenting XML, print, print preview, e-mail sending, text encoding selection and conversion, Unicode character functions, and C++ code generation to see how to create or navigate your XML with CMarkup.

That's it, if we have missed in XML file reader, let us know in comments sections

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