Windows 10 and Windows 11, operating systems are now available all over the world. It comes with a lot of amazing features and upgrades. Recently Microsoft confessed that there are more than 400 million active Windows users which is four-time bigger than the main competitor of windows. It proves the popularity of Windows 10 operating system. Windows operating system definitely has a large number of users but not all of them use the genuine windows 10 or Windows 11. Most of the users use the pirated version of Windows 10/11 which is not secure and does not provide you with some amazing features like the genuine version.


If you have a previous original version of windows operating system then you can automatically update windows 10 or Windows 11 version without any costs. As soon as you upgrade windows 7 or windows 8 to windows 10 or Windows 11, Microsoft will automatically activate your account.

Did you ever check whether you are using the genuine version or the pirated version of Windows 10/11 operating system? If not, you can check it easily. Keep reading this content to know How to Check If Windows 10 Is Genuine or Not. We will also discuss the differences between genuine and pirated version of the windows 10.

How to Check If Windows 10 / 11 Is Genuine or Not

You will need to check if your Windows 10 is Genuine or not. When you will upgrade to windows 10 it will not show you the activation message. So you will be in confusion about the upgraded version of the windows whether it is genuine or not. You can get rid of this confusion by checking it. There are several ways to check whether it is genuine or not. If your OS has a product key and if it shows that the windows is genuine then your PC is genuine. Here is some of the easy steps to check windows 10 activation:

Check it from System Applet


This is by far the easiest way to check whether your Windows 10 is genuine or not. You can even do it from your homepage. Simply press the windows key and X key together. You will see some option after that. Find the "System" from there. You can also do it by searching by typing system on the search bar beside the home button.

After clicking on the system, the system window will be open where you will see information about your windows 10.

Scroll down to check your windows 10.

You will see Windows is genuine under the windows activation heading.

You can also find information such as windows edition, RAM, computer name, Product key, processor type and processor GHz from this menu. 

In Windows 11, you can check it by navigating to Start -> Settings -> System -> Activation ->  If your Windows 11 copy is activated, this message will say "Active." If your Windows copy isn’t activated, you’ll see a message that states accordingly. 

Check from the Toggle Bar

This is another easy way to check activation of your windows 10. Just find the toggle bar on the homepage of your windows 10. There will be a lot of options and you will need to click on "All settings".

After clicking on it, you will be redirected to the setting and you will find "update and security" option from there.

Click on it and then you will be redirected to where you will see a message "Windows is genuine". You will be able to check the edition version of your Windows 10 from there too.

Check from the Command Prompt

This is the fastest way to check whether your Windows 10 is genuine or not. You can simply do it by clicking "Windows button + R" together. After that write cmd and press on the enter button. Then the command prompt will be opened.

You can also search for the command prompt with the search bar.

In the command prompt enters "slmgr /xpr" and press on the enter button.

This command will open 'Window Script Host', here you can find your Windows 10 or Windows 11 activation status.

If your Windows system is permanently activated, then you say your windows 11 or Windows 10 is Genuine, if Windows is not genuine it will show Windows expiration date.

You can use any of the processes to check whether your Windows 10 or Windows 11 is genuine or not. 

Difference between Genuine and Pirated Windows 10 or Windows 11


There is a lot of difference between the genuine and pirated version of windows 10 or windows 11. But you will never notice them normally. Moreover, you will feel that both of them are totally the same at the time of general use. But after using it for some days continuously, you will notice the differences between the genuine and pirated windows 10.

A cracked or pirated version of the Windows 10 comes with a bad purpose. Most of them contain malware, spyware, ransomware, and much more. At the time of installation, you will never notice anything wrong. But as soon as you start using them you will see changes and they will initially affect your files. Moreover, the important data and files will be transferred to the hacker without any permission from you secretly.

The pirated windows 10 or windows 11 became slow after using some month.

You will not able to perform any work and at the end, you will need to reinstall windows 10 again. Besides, the genuine windows OS will run perfectly without any slowness year after year.

I have a laptop and a PC. I used the genuine version on my pc and a pirated version in my laptop. My laptop becomes too much slow after some month and my desktop was working perfectly. I end up with buying a genuine version of the windows 10.


If you are a student it may be harder for you to buy a genuine version of the windows 10. But for professional work, you should use a genuine version for a smooth experience. You can buy it for once and enjoy the efficiency for the rest of your life. 

How to Get Windows 10/11 Genuine for Free

Though it’s not that much easy to find the genuine version of the windows for free.

However, here are some techniques you may try to get the windows 1 genuine version for free:

  1. You can download the pirated version of Windows 10/11 and then provide a product key. You can easily find the product key from online. On the other hand, you can use the previous product key from your Windows 7 or the 8. If you do not find the product key, use software like NirSoft’sProdukey.
  2. Windows insider gets all the updates faster than the normal user. You can become a windows insider to get the windows 10 for free. You will get a lot of free stuff, upgrade, and latest updates and also gain free windows 10 from them. You can join the program from Microsoft’s Windows Insider page.
  3. Recently there was a new method which becomes popular in Reddit community. This process is simple, you will need to change the time of your pc clock to July 28. However, I never tried this method personally.

Hopefully, from the above guide will give you a brief knowledge about the difference between genuine and pirated windows 10 and also check if your Windows 10 is genuine or not. If you have any question please let us know by comment.

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