In previous article, I mentioned Export Google Calendar To Excel but now in this article, I have mentioned how we can add backgrond image to google calendar, easily.

It used to be easy to add a background image to a Google Calendar event in the past. You only need to launch the Google Calendar settings and select the Google Labs feature.

Unfortunately, Google decided to stop giving users access to the Labs feature for whatever reason. Thus, users are now without a simple and quick method to change the background image.

Instead, you now have new Gmail and Calendar features and other Google Apps tools on the soft launch portal - Google Labs. However, there are a few options for customizing Google Calendar Event background images which you will learn about in this post. 

How You Can Add a Background Image to Google Calendar Event

The restriction on Google Labs functionality doesn't mean you cannot add background images to Google Calendar Event. There are a few third-party apps that will help you to do this. 

Let's check them out!

Use Custom Calendar Chrome Extension

Custom Calendar Backgrounds is one of the best apps for accessing and customizing your Google Calendar Event background event. 

It lets you brighten up Google Calendar Event and give it a fresh and welcoming look by uploading full-background images.

Custom Calendar Chrome extension has two options - single image and monthly image. The single image option lets you choose one snapshot as your background, and it will not change until you make a direct modification to it. 

The monthly image option, on the other hand, lets you create different images to feature on your Google calendar event for each month of the year.

To activate Custom Calendar Chrome Extension, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Custom Calendar Backgrounds download page on the Chrome web store. 
  • Select "Add to Chrome" on the page. You will find this at the top-right corner of the page.


  • Wait for the system to download the extension.
  • The icon should become visible only after the installation is complete. But, if it doesn’t, you can click the extension icon and enable it to become visible.


  • Click on the Custom Calendar Chrome Extension icon at the top right of the Chrome page, and select Options or Extensions options.


  • Select the display option you prefer - "single image" or "monthly image."


  • Enter the URL of your chosen image to the input box as required. You may copy and paste the URL into the boxes.
  • Click on the Save button at the bottom right corner of the page.
  • The customisation is complete, so you can go to your Google Calendar account to see it.

When it comes to visual processing, it is essential to use images that are not too bright. Else, it will make viewing the calendar event uneasy. Therefore, you should stick to themes with a singular colour palette to enhance visibility.

Use Stylish Chrome Extension

Stylish is a Google Chrome extension that enables you to add several designs to any website. It is not only available for Google Calendar but also works fine on Firefox. Here are the steps to add a background image to your Google Calendar Event with the Stylish Chrome extension.


  • You may need to pin the stylish extension to the browser’s toolbar before it is visible. Click the Extension Icon in the top-right corner and enable its visibility.


  • Left-click on the "Stylish extension icon" in the browser’s toolbar.


  • Click on Agreed from the welcome information.
  • A list of Google Calendar themes you can use will appear. Click a theme, and Scroll down to the end of the list using the arrow key on your keyboard to view different options.
  • Select Browse more if you want to get more backgrounds, and the system will redirect you to a Stylish homepage.


  • Type "google calendar" into the search box on the Stylish homepage and hit "Enter" or click the "search icon" to filter the themes and display those peculiar to Google Calendar.


  • Navigate the search results to locate a preferred theme for your Google Calendar. Click on an image you like to view and download it.
  • Select the "Install Style" button.



  • Click on the "My style” tab, and then click the "Active" slider to toggle it on.


  • You should see the new image as the background of your Google Calendar Event background on this page.

The Bottom Line

The two options in this post are excellent for effectively adding a background image to your Google Calendar Event page. There are other options, but you may not need them since both methods here will work perfectly.

In conclusion, these options will work on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and a few other browsers effectively, but you can search for a compatible version of the extensions for your browser if you have difficulties with using any other browser. However, it is advisable to use the Chrome browser, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox.

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