In previous articles, I have mentioned How to Set Bing Wallpaper as Windows Desktop Background Daily and Steps to export google calendar to google sheets but now in this article, I have mentioned how to change the background theme of Gmail account, since Gmail is widely used Email Service provider and usually people like to customise there Gmail account or background theme so in this article, I have mentioned easy steps to change gmail background theme.

Gmail gives you more features than any other mailing service. You can easily use Gmail by your google account.

It is very safe to use a Gmail account. It gives you a two-step verification option for better security using Google Authenticator

Here are the steps to change Gmail background

  • Go to and log in to your account.
  • Press the gear icon, which opens the settings menu,as shown in the below image


  • Scroll over to the "Themes" section, click on "View All"


  • You will lots of images, select anyone to make it as background of your gmail account (You can also change, background blur effect, font-color, or add vignette )
  • Click "Save"
  • Once you will save the above settings your gmail account background will be changed.

Theme Adjustments

After selecting Gmail background themes, there are several adjustments you can make. There are available edits for text, vignette, and blur.

When you select the text adjustments, you will change the message format where you type, there are two options for it, to choose from, i.e, light or dark.

To make vignette adjustments, you will need to move the dot on the sliding scale. Move it to the right to make the four corners of your Gmail account darker.

The blur adjustment option also comes with a sliding scale that you will need to move. Move it to the right to remove some of the detail from your selected theme.

Set custom Image on gmail background

You can also add custom images for your gmail background, but it will require you to first upload photos on Google photos.

  • Open Google Photos, If you aren't already signed into your Google Account, you'll need to.
  • Next, you’ll need to upload a photo (or several photos).
  • Once you have uploaded picture, and when you will visit next to gmail settings to change background, click on images and then select "My pictures" and then you will see your Google photos there, select it to make it as background.

That's it, hope it helps you.

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