4G has already arrived in India and major telecom players are continuously coming up with their own devices and offers to lure the Indian telecom consumer base through their internet strategy. According to the recent stats, the demand for the internet and its related services is growing drastically since last 2 years and Indian telecom users are continuously demanding for High Speed Internet Services.

The Reliance Jio which has attracted consumers through its alluring and affordable 4G plans has now almost occupied major consumer base of the Indian telecom sector. It had been almost an year, since Reliance launched their 4G VOLTE supported portable WiFi router which can allow you to connect multiple devices simultaneously and can enjoy uninterrupted internet services including- HD voice and Video Calls. The JioFi has already now become the most demanding WiFi router in the telecom market.

We have already boasted enough about the Jio and its WiFi Router. But there is some bad news!!lot of consumers are facing issues and bugs related to this device. One of the major issue that we will be covering through this article is Issue of Red Signal. Don’t Worry!! That’s very simple to solve and this article will really help you in getting your JioFi device work like before.

This article features two points which will guide you to various steps to solve this issue. Please strictly follow these steps to solve the red signal issue of your JioFi router.

POINT #1- Hard Resetting the JioFi Router to its factory default setting (Recommended)

The Factory Reset is the very common solution through which you can get rid of this issue. In terms of Hard Resetting the device, you just need to open the back cover of the JioFi device and have to click the factory reset button residing near WPS button which is shown in the image below. You need to take help of a safety pin to press that tiny reset button.

Just press the tiny reset button for 20-30 seconds and you will see your JioFi will show signs of blinking and will reboot itself.


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After performing the above steps, you need to configure your device back to make the internet work on your JioFi that can be done easily through web browser.


POINT #2: Restoring the Device

Restoring the device needs to be perform which will restore the settings of your JioFi device. This will solve the red signal issue of your JioFi device in no time.

Just follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Just connect your computer to JioFi router and then navigate to web browser such as- Chrome, Safari, Opera or IE.
  2. Just type the URL in the address bar: http://jiofi.local.html and login through you id and password credentials provided. Default id and password is administrator through which you can access the settings panel.
  3. Now, you have to simply click on the user management tab located in the left side and click on the restore settings as shown in the image below.resolve-jio-fi-red-signal

After following these simple steps mentioned above, you can see your JioFi device will work smoothly as it was working before and you will be able to enjoy uninterrupted internet services on all of your devices connected to the JioFi router. There is no need to worry and panic if your device is not working, you can just simply hard reset the device by simply following the easy steps which are earlier mentioned in this article and you will see your device will work exactly like before.

The response of JioFi router is amazing and people are showing love for this router which gives you unlimited internet access. The JioFi also features a decent battery life which usually lasts for 6 hours if it is fully charged. So it is recommended to full charge this device if you are travelling. In terms of its performance also, it boasts a whopping download speed of 150 mbps at its peak which will offer you unlimited movie and songs download on the go.

How to improve JioFi battery backup and Solve Heating Issue

You need to follow below steps under settings in admin control - 

  • For Wi-Fi Menu you need to set 802.11 Mode to 2.4 GHz (B), Disable WMM, keep Tx Power to Low and set Channel mode to Automatic.
  • Under Storage Menu Disable Storage account.
  • Under Advanced Settings make Power save to max time available.


I hope that this article really helped you in solving issue related to red signal of your JioFi device. Please let us know your comments and give us valuable feedback regarding it.

JioFi Color Signals meaning based on Model

Model: JMR50

Network Signal Inidicator Color meaning

  • Solid Green: Good Signal Strength
  • Solid Blue: Fair Signal Coverage
  • Solid Slow Blinking Red: Poor Signal Coverage OR No SIMCard/SIM card Error/No Service.

Wifi Signal Inidicator Color meaning


  • Solid Green: 1 or More devices connected
  • Blinking Green: WPS Active
  • Solid Blue: WiFi ON but no devices connected
  • Slow Blinking Blue: Sleep mode


Model: M2

Network Signal Inidicator Color meaning

  • Solid Green: Good Signal Strength
  • Solid Blue: Medium Signal
  • Fast Blinking Red: No SIM
  • Slow Blinking Red: Weak Signal or No Service available

Wifi Signal Inidicator Color meaning

  • ON: 1 or More devices connected
  • Blink: WiFi ON but no devices connected
  • OFF: Wifi Off

Connection Indicator

  • Blink: LTE network connected and have data traffic
  • ON: LTE connected but data traffic
  • OFF: LTE network disconnected