5 best iPhone antivirus

Want to protect your iPhone from virus and malware? Antivirus can be the best approach towards protecting your iPhone from virus and malware. Here we will Introduce five best iPhone antivirus in 2018.

A virus infected iPhone can severely damage your iPhone and all your essential details stored in it, especially you're bank account details. Having an iPhone infected by a virus is indeed a nightmare. So, it's better to prevent your iPhone from virus attacks by installing best antivirus tools and applications on your iOS device. If you're not familiar with what are antivirus tools, then read on to know.

What Are an iPhone Antivirus Tools?

An iPhone antivirus tool is an iOS application that creates a security layer to prevent virus attacks. These applications have inbuilt algorithm to analyze the virus or malware and treat them according to keep your iPhone safe and secure. There is a wide range of best iPhone antivirus in 2018. However, all of them works to perform the same actions. Some of these applications are paid whereas some are free to use. So it's all up to you whether you want to invest for some advance feature antivirus applications or want to use them for free.  

Let's proceed to the list of best iPhone antivirus in 2018. Have a look below.

Top 5 Best iPhone Antivirus In 2018

1 McAfee For iOS

McAfee for iOS

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McAfee offers ultimate security to iPhone devices by creating strong security layer that's impossible for any antivirus or malware to break.  It will keep your iPhone safe and secure by keeping all the malicious apps and acts away from your iPhone. It's considered as the most potent iPhone antivirus in 2018. Have a look below to get familiar with some of its best features.

  • Support multiples languages
  • It allows users to track the location of their iPhone instantly on the map.
  • It has excellent inbuilt algorithm and programme to secure all the stored data and information including your bank details, PIN, documents, images, etc.

#2 Norton For iOS

Norton for iOS

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Norton is another reputed and best iPhone antivirus in 2018 that works to secure all your data and information stored on your iPhone device.  It offers real-time protection feature for iPhone that helps to eliminate the hassle of analyzing your device manually to ensure there is no virus or malware. Norton is available in 24 widely used languages including English as default. Here we have listed some eye-catching features of Norton Security that makes it the best iPhone antivirus in 2018.

  • It offers real-time protection
  • Allow the user to track real-time location in case if the device gets stolen
  • It allows the user to backup all their data securely and restores online whenever needed.

3 Bitdefender Central For iOS

Bit defender for iOS
When its about securing your iPhone and all your stored data, Bitdefender works precisely as a muscular guard who stays there 24×7 and provides ultimate security to prevent unwanted and suspicious activities on your iPhone. It allows the user to manage the security of their respective iPhone remotely and provide instant notification in case if any security threat is found to take the right action. It has some advanced features that make it the best iPhone antivirus in 2018. Have a look at some of its excellent features…

  • Real-time notification whenever a security threat is found.
  • It's an all in one tool that helps the user to scan, optimize and clean iPhone remotely.
  • It has the feature that allows the user to set passwords for their lost or stolen iPhone to ensure no one can use the respective iPhone device without the password and permission of the owner.

4 MobiShield For iOS

Mobisheild for iOS
It's not only the best iPhone antivirus, but it also prevents the leakage of personal information.  It comes with mobile health checkup utility tool that regularly scan your iPhone device to detect the presence of suspicious stuff on your iPhone and eliminate them for forever. If you're looking for a free iPhone antivirus tool in 2018, it can be the best choice to secure your phone and essential data that you store on your iPhone. It's a powerful iPhone antivirus tool that has many excellent features, so it's not possible to list all its features here, but some of its best features are as follows:

  • Battery Optimization
  • Monitor whole iPhone system and data
  • Allow the user to backup data securely to ensure there will not be any data loss scenarios in any case in future.

#5 F-Secure For iOS

F-secure  for iOS
It's another best iPhone antivirus in 2018 that offer complete internet security. It is designed to secure your information and data in multiple ways and allow the user to access internet without any worry. It's an all in one internet security tool that ensures that all the data and Information that you've stored on your iPhone remains highly secured and safe every time you access any webpage or other internet stuff. With its great features and UI design, it is considered as the best iPhone antivirus in 2018. Here we have listed some of its key features that will impress you:

  • It helps users to use the internet without security threat and worry.
  • It's a powerful app that keeps all the dangerous websites and applications away from your iPhone.
  • It has kids protection features that allow the user to limit the internet access for their kids.

Note: we neither recommend nor  promote these applications. Our primary motive is to introduce some best ways to boost the security of your iPhone. You're free to pick any of the above listed iPhone antiviruses in 2018 that you think can work correctly for you and can boost security level of your iPhone.

Pro Tip:

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So, that's the list of top 5 best iPhone antivirus in 2018. You can pick any of them to secure your iPhone device and information or data that you've stored. Hope you enjoyed reading this post and it has delivered some great information to you. Share it with your friends and family to help them fight against viruses and malware. Keep following us to get more such updates regarding iPhone, and technology.