Inserting a signature in Excel may be ideal if you want to restrict the third party from accessing or editing the document. It will validate your identity as the signer and the validity of the document. There are different ways to add or insert a signature to Excel, and you will discover them in this post.

Option 1: Insert Digital Signature in Excel

You can insert a digital signature within the Excel application and make it visible, depending on your preference. Adding a visible digital signature consists of two major steps:

  • Adding a signature line and
  • Inserting the signature.

Let's get into the details:

Step 1: Add a Signature Line

To insert a signature line:

  • Open the Excel document you wish to sign.
  • Select your preferred cell where you want to add the signature.
  • Click the Insert tab at the top of the page next to the Home tab.

Insert a Signature in Excel

  • In the Insert toolbar that displays, locate the Text icon and click the drop-down arrow below it.

Insert a Signature in Excel

  • Next, double-click the Signature Line option from the drop-down options to open the Signature Setup.

Insert a Signature in Excel

  • Fill Signature Setup options by entering a Suggested signer’s name, title, email address, and additional instructions to the signer.

Insert a Signature in Excel

  • You can select the checkboxes on the page if you want to switch on the attached options.
  • Next, click OK to continue.

Insert a Signature in Excel

  • The signature line will appear in the Excel sheet as seen below.

Insert a Signature in Excel

  • You can hold the left click on the signature line and drag the mouse if you want it to appear on a different point in the document.

Step 2: Add the Signature

You can add your preferred signature once the signature line is in place, but you must have a digital ID, and you can get one from a Microsoft partner. 

Also, ensure that the document's content is intact and there is nothing more to add. Then, you can add the signature as follows:

  • Double-click the signature line and a Sign window will display on the screen.
  • A quick prompt will display instead if you do not have a digital ID. Click the Yes button on the prompt to get an ID from a Microsoft partner.

Insert a Signature in Excel

  • Next, enter the required signature on the signature line. You can type in your name if you are the signer or select an image of the signature. Note that you must have saved an image of the required signature on your device before you can select it.
  • You can click the Details button if you want to add additional information about the signer.
  • Fill in the additional information as required in the prompt that displays, and click OK.
  • Next, click on Sign to add the signature.

Option 2: Use an Electronic Software

Another way to insert a signature in Excel is to use electronic signature software. There are several apps that will do this for you, but they may not be entirely available for free. Some of the apps that let you sign your documents including Excel are signNow, Signature, HelloSign, etc.

You will find detailed instructions on how to use each app on their official websites if you prefer this option.

Option 3: Scan and Upload the Image

Another easy way to insert a signature in Excel is to scan your signature and upload it to your computer. To do this:

  • Append your signature on a plain sheet.
  • Snap the signature, scan and send it to your computer.
  • Open the document where you want to add the signature.
  • Click an empty cell at the end of the data in the spreadsheet.
  • Click the Insert tab at the top area.

Insert a Signature in Excel

  • Next, click the Illustrations option and select Pictures.

Insert a Signature in Excel

  • Select insert picture from this device.

Insert a Signature in Excel

  • Navigate to the location of the scanned signature and select it.


You can add a signature to Excel using any of the three methods above to secure your document and ensure its validity.

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