In previous article, I mentioned What Is Replika AI? How Safe Is Replika AI? but now in this article, I have mentioned how to use Fraction (Not "/") In Google Docs

Fractions are mathematical expressions commonly used in maths, science, and finance. Sometimes, the slash (/) sign is used to type fractions but is not always accepted. 

If you create documents with Google Docs, this article will teach you how to input fractions without using the slash (/) sign.

How To Write Fractions In Google Docs 

It is almost natural to use the slash symbol (/) anytime you need to type a fraction, but you should not, as there are five ways to correctly write fractions in Google Docs as you will find below. But first, you must access Google docs from a computer or switch your mobile browser to desktop mode.

Method One: Using Google Docs Auto Formatting

You can write a fraction within Google Docs using the auto-formatting tool on the web. Here are the steps to do this in no time:

  • Open the document on Google Docs website.
  • Click on Tools in the Menu bar under the title bar.

Write Fractions In Google Docs

  • The Tools button will display extended options in a drop-down menu; click on Preferences close to the bottom of the list.

use Fractions In Google Docs

  • This option will open the Preferences dialog box. Go to the Substitutions tab in this box.

 Fractions In Google Docs

  • Next, check the "Automatic substitution" box in the Substitutions tab. Then, click the OK button to save the settings.

How To use Fractions In Google Docs

After you have followed these steps, you will be able to type fractions by separating the numerator and denominator by the slash sign after following these steps. Google Docs will automatically convert the mathematical expression with a slash sign to a fraction.

There are different disadvantages to this method, though; one is that it does not apply to a fraction with two digits in the numerator or denominator. Another disadvantage is that the output display does not look like mathematical fractions too well and could be hard to read if this fraction is a separator.

Method Two: Using The Equation Tool

Using the equation tool is a better way of writing fractions within the Google Docs web version than the slash symbol. You can do this with the steps below:

  • Open your desired document on Google Docs website.
  • Click on the point in the document where you want to insert the fraction and ensure the text cursor is blinking on that point.
  • Next, click on Insert in the Menu bar.

How To Write Fractions In Google Docs

  • Click on Equation from the drop-down menu to create a new equation, and it will display the Equation toolbar below the existing bars at the top area of the page.

How To Write Fractions In Google Docs

  • Hover your mouse over the fourth option of the five in the Equation toolbar, and you should see its tag "Math operations" displayed on the screen.


  • Click on the first option, which is the fraction option.

How To Write Fractions In Google Docs

  • After you click the fraction option, Google Docs will create an equation box at your chosen point in the document, and you can type in the numerator in place of the blinking cursor.
  • Next, press the "Enter" key to type in the denominator.
  • Press the "Enter" key again to complete.

Alternatively, you can open Equation tools with the keyboard shortcut keys: Alt + I + E. Note that you can write mixed fractions with this method by first writing the whole number before following the steps outlined.

Method Three: Using Google Docs Add-ons

Follow these steps to write fractions in Google Docs using Google Docs Add-ons:

  • Open the Google Docs file on the web.
  • Click on the Extensions tab in the menu bar. Next, click on Add-Ons, then Get Add-Ons.

Image-Google Docs -fractions

  • The Add-ons option will take you to the Google Workspace Marketplace. Search for "Auto-LaTeX Equations" and select the "Auto-LaTeX Equations" in the search result.

 Google Docs fractions use

  • Click on Install and follow the prompts to proceed.

How To Write Fractions In Google Docs

  • Select your account and give the add-on permission to see, edit, delete Google Docs, and do other things.

How To Write Fractions In Google Docs

  • Click on Next in the following prompt, then Done to complete.

Method Four: Using A Third-party Website

You can use many third-party websites to generate a fraction for Google Docs, but we recommend

Follow these steps to write fractions on Google Docs using a third-party website.

  • Open
  • Click on the "a/b" symbol in the menu.
  • A LaTeX code like the one below will appear in the text area. Input the numerator in the first curly bracket and enter the denominator in the second.


  • It will generate a fraction. Copy and paste this fraction into Google Docs. 


Now that you have learned how to type fractions in Google Docs, you can apply it when typing new documents.

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