In previous article, we mentioned Top 10 Offline Games For Laptop In Windows 7 but in this article, I have mentioned top best IGG games alternatives which you can use to download games.

IGG Games is a popular premium game downloading app with several categories of games, such as Action, Adventure, Racing, Fighting, Battle Royale, etc.

It features all the popular and latest PC games in each category and is a reliable platform for every PC gamer. However, you may wish to explore other PC game downloading apps for comparison or if you experience a server failure on the website.

You will learn about their features and will be able to choose one that matches your gaming interests.

Best IGG Games Alternatives

Below are the best alternatives to IGG games where you can download various top-level games for your PC.

Skidrow Reloaded


Skidrow reloaded is one of the best Igg games alternatives for PC video game lovers to download the latest and most exciting video games.

It is a free website that provides torrent and direct links and unlimited access to download several video games of your choice.

It has a robust library of game lists and a section for PC games. It also has a section for upcoming games - their names and release dates.

Skidrow reloaded is free, but you can support and contribute to the platform by donating in Bitcoin and other currencies.


  • It features daily update
  • User-friendly interface
  • Unlimited download
  • PC repacks
  • Advanced search button
  • Torrent sites
  • It recommends games.

Mega Games

mega games.webp

Mega games are one of the best Igg games alternatives. It provides different services that include, but are not limited to, video gaming download, social networking services, game trainers, news, videos, mods, patches, and much more.

It is a popular platform for all gamers and features old and new game patches, modes, and videos.

The mega games platform does not only let you download games, but you also have access to informational articles for free and without registrations. It also offers competitive opportunities where you can participate in tournaments and win lots of prizes


  • User-friendly interface
  • Daily updates
  • Game reviews
  • Game recommendations
  • Advanced search button.

Gamer Sky


Gamer sky is another best-fit alternative for Igg games. It is a platform with several gaming solutions for all kinds of gamers.

It has a massive database of games with over 70 categories, which makes it very popular among gamers.

Gamer sky lets you download several games for all your devices, access game-related articles, stay updated with news about upcoming games, participate in in-game tournaments, and play with other players. It has a web version, and its app version is compatible with iOS, iPad, and macOS devices. The default language on the platform is Chinese, but you can translate it to English depending on your browser.


  • Available for free
  • Regular updates
  • User reviews
  • User-friendly interface
  • Unlimited download
  • Players tournament

Ocean of Games


Ocean of games is yet another alternative to Igg games, and it is indeed an ocean of Games - as its name implies.

It has a massive database with several categories such as Action, Adventure, Arcade, Fighting, Horror, Puzzle, Racing, Shooting, Simulation, Sports, etc.

In addition, Ocean of games also provides tips for fixing several game errors.


  • Timely updates
  • Huge database 
  • Game Reviews
  •  Free download
  •  Latest games features and specifications
  • Dedicated posts for each game
  • Direct download links.

Skidrow Codex

skidrow codex-igg-games

Skidrow codex is another alternative to Igg games. It is a popular platform for downloading Repacks of all the latest PC games.

It has a large collection of games that make it prominent for all game lovers. It provides detailed information about each game, helping you understand the story behind a game even before you download it.


  • A huge database of games
  • Free of bug
  • Request a Game
  • Advanced Search Box
  • Daily updates
  • User-friendly interface

FitGirl Repacks

fitgirl repacks.png

Fitgirl repacks is one of the best websites for your favorite PC games via torrent or direct links. It is a perfect alternative to Igg games that is easy to use and has a collection of games in several genres.

Fitgirl repacks also provide the details of each game including the story, gameplay, and features, to give you a better understanding before downloading them.


  • Repack List
  • Request Game
  • Dark and Light Interface
  • Virus-free
  • Huge database
  • Advance search button
  • Trending games



PCGamesTorrents is another Igg games alternative that provides tools and features relating to PC gaming.

It is a torrent site that features a database of the best PC games and receives timely updates. It has several games in different genres and a recommendation feature that suggests the latest and trending games.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Available in dark mode
  • Free use
  • It does not require refrigeration
  • Daily update
  • Advanced search options


Igg games is a reliable platform for downloading PC games, but you can explore the alternatives in this post to give yourself a different experience.

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