In previous article, we mentioned Best similarweb alternatives but in this article I have mentioned comparison of similarweb vs semrush SEO tools, both are excellent tools to analyse website traffic and traffic source.

The dialogue about Similarweb vs. Semrush is popular among search engine optimization (SEO) experts. Although Semrush has been the market leader for a long time, it is shocking to find out that Similarweb appears to be giving it a close competition.

How do you know which of these excellent tools is preferable or what each of the two offers?

You will get answers to that in this article, and in addition, you will get a detailed comparison of Semrush and Similarweb - the features and differences, advantages, and disadvantages. Keep reading!


similarweb vs semrush comparison

SimilarWeb is a widely used tool for web measuring and competitive intelligence. You can keep a careful eye on the general health of your company with its analytics capabilities.

Additionally, it keeps an eye on new chances and gradually enhances decision-making. The great thing is that it applies this evaluation to other comparable sites.

The surveillance procedure helps gather vital information for benchmarking the performance of your website, learning about tried-and-true business strategies, and discovering fresh growth prospects.


  • SimilarWeb offers sources of traffic for mobile applications
  • Creates email and social media traffic reports
  • Keywords and marketing channels are provided by an industry analysis tool.
  • Popular terms for mobile applications
  • survey of the mobile app market
  • Keep track of the landing pages, subdomains, and conversion funnel
  • Surveillance procedure for vital information about website performances


  • It gives a two to three weeks trial before payment
  • Easy to use
  • It offers a great deal of information for free
  • It's easy to get a grasp of users' website performances.


  • With a free trial, you can't be able to explore all the excellent features
  • It does not have advanced Search Engine Optimization and content tools
  • SimilarWeb free plans don't offer much to its users
  • The user interface is not friendly for new users. 


semrush vs similarweb

Semrush is a toolset for managing digital marketing that seems to be more comprehensive. It makes it easy to analyze the traffic on various marketing platforms to inform decision-making.

Also, its auditing tool can help marketers to spot any potential SEO flaws and correct them to aid in repositioning a website in search engine results.

The most important thing is that SEMrush will give you significant leverage over a competitive competitor's website by providing essential information about their digital marketing strategies and topics that matter to your target audience.


  • Semrush reveals the position of competitors in the market 
  • In-depth assessment of ad campaign data
  • Monitor various keyword metrics
  • Compares multiple websites at once
  • Organic keyword analysis
  • PPC keyword analysis
  • Backlinks survey
  • AdSense Evaluation
  • Advertising analysis
  • It features Search Engine Optimization website auditing.
  • Website traffic analysis
  • Multiple domain support


  • All-in-on set of search engine optimization tools
  • All premium plans are offered with a free trial using powerful keyword research.
  • It is a tool for social media and content marketing that are optional. 
  • A specific collection of tools for local SEO. 
  • It makes it easy to spot keywords. 


  • Reports of SERPs solely of Local Search Engine Optimization
  • Reviewing local files for all nations
  • It enhances reports On-Page SEO Checkers. 

Differences Between Similarweb and Semrush



Similarweb is majorly concerned with website statistics 

Semrush provides an extensive traffic Analytics platform for media, search engine optimization,  online presence, and PPC

Website measuring and competitive intelligence tool and help increase decisions.

Traffic Analysis Tool and digital marketing tool

It has two plans - the free plan and the custom plan. The custom plan costs between $199.00 and $799.00 monthly

It has three major plans which are Pro at $119 monthly, Guru at $229, and Business at  $449

Note: Both have free plans too which you can use without adding any Card details. 

In Similarweb, you can add browser extension and check website's last 6 month traffic and top 5 keywords using similarweb website.

In Semrush, you can add your website project, check your top 10 organic keywords and top 10 keywords movement for the day (you can have 10 free query per day)

Similarity Between SimilarWeb and Semrush

Both SimilarWeb and Semrush provide benchmarking so users may compare and evaluate websites based on metrics like traffic volume, bounce rate, session length, and more.

The primary goal of SimilarWeb and SEMrush is regarded as competitive intelligence.

SEMrush and SimilarWeb analyze competitors and offer comprehensive information on SEO, PPC, traffic volume, and traffic sources.

The Final Verdict

Finally, both  SEMrush and SimilarWeb do business in some similar ways. To put it mildly, both software feature offerings are quite good. 

Overall, they both analyze their competitors and then offer comprehensive information on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PPC, traffic volume, and traffic sources.

They also provide site analytical techniques for generating and analyzing organic and inorganic keywords, advertisements, and KPIs for different traffic channels that will help you strengthen your competitive strategy even more.

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