In previous articles, I have mentioned 10+ Best windows movie maker alternatives and Best and Simple video Editor for Windows but now in this article, I have mentioned Audacity alternative applications, which you can use to edit audio or sound files.

Ocenaudio (Free)


As a cross-platform audio editor, Ocenaudio is a free and easy-to-use audio editor to replace other programs that don't work so well for you.

This multiplatform tool can edit and analyze any audio track in a simple way, selecting the parts you need to modify with the mouse and applying effects and edits from the control bar located on the upper side of the interface.

The program interface shows the window where you have to drag the audio files as well as the wave graph where you can directly select, cut, copy, and edit audio snippets. You can also work with two tracks simultaneously, one on the upper and the other on the lower part.


  • Real-time preview of the audio effects
  • Multi-selection tools
  • Advanced memory management system
  • Spectrum analysis
  • VST plug-ins for example a 31-band equalizer, clamor reduction, and pitch management
  • Allows the user to anecdote monologues and interviews

Cons of utilizing Ocenaudio:

  • Not sustainable for large-scale audio projects

Pricing: Free

Garageband (For Mac Users only, Free)

It takes less time to become accustomed to the interface of this application.

Garageband is only available for Mac users and is not open source, therefore customization options are limited.


  • Easy to navigate and use interface. Garageband does not require any prior industry or professional experience to get started.
  • A large media collection comes pre-loaded. You'll find sound effects, riffs, and other things.
  • A large number of virtual instruments Garageband includes a plethora of virtual instruments.
  • Make a multi-track audio recording. Your audio interface is your only constraint.
  • Supports a variety of file formats, allowing you to save your recording as an MP3, WAV, or any other format you like.


  • PC users are unable to access the site.
  • There aren't many sophisticated features. Garageband has a simple vibe to it, so it might not be the ideal option for studio classic podcasts.
  • It's tough to fine-tune and maximise your audio.
  • It is not possible to add live secluded guests.

Price: Free with Apple devices

Ardour (Free)


It is accessible on the platforms of Windows and Mac but additionally on Linux. This leaves it with an enormous benefit as a lot of application programs are not generated with Linux in mind.

When you need complete control over your tools, when the limitations of other designs get in the way, when you plan to spend hours or days working on a session, Ardour is there to make things work the way you want them to.

This audio editing tool has a simple and versatile interface which is its largest strength. 


  • Editing tools to cut, quantize, transpose, dapper and swing
  • Mix tracks with the assist of tools to automate, dynamics, EQ, fader, insert, pre-fader, solo and send
  • Splice and mix multiple waveforms.
  • Hundreds of plug-ins are accessible to enhance features
  • Very cheap and nearly free
  • Allows the user to upload audio from a cloud drive, Google drive, or a local drive
  • Allows the user to tag and supply album information
  • Unlimited Multichannel Tracks
  • Import a single video and optionally extract the soundtrack from it.


  • Too challenging for simple fixes or podcasting

Pricing: A free version with demos and tutorials is available. A little $1 charge for coming days updates can opt, but if you pay less than $45 you cannot get into use all upgrades

Wavosaur (Free)


This specific audio editing tool holds up the headline of being the lightest writer with its size being under 1MB. In spite of being that small, Wavosaur’s multiple document interfaces hold various impactful Options that make it admirable.

As it has a multiple document interface, the user will be competent to labor on diverse plans from the same window. It's trustworthy to say that this Option is original to Wavosaur.


  • Multi-track editing and Batch processing
  • VST effects for example audio location exporting, crossfade looping, and silence remover
  • Record from the sound-card input of the PC
  • Exports files in the beget of texts through its integration with tool programs that is Excel
  • MIDI controllers can externally trigger the audio editing software
  • ASIO support

Cons of utilizing Wavosaur:

  • Not beginner-friendly
  • It is not an open-source software
  • Not a cross-platform software: thus, can only be utilized on Windows only

Pricing: Free

MixPad (Free)

MixPad is a free music Music Mixer and Recording application constructed for simple audio production. Mix music, vocal and audio tracks, adjust the volume, pan, disappear, and more with Mix Pad as your digital mixing desk.

With MixPad multi-track recording and mixing software, you can access all the power of professional recording and mixing equipment through a single platform that streamlines the process and makes mixing a breeze.


  • Supports sample rate from 6-96 kHz.
  • Has extremely low latency.
  • Enables you to upload mix music straight into straight away to Sound Cloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive.


  • Restricted options for non-commercial versions.

Price: Free Version Available

FL Studio


It is one of the greatest professional DAW software available, especially for EDM music producers. This is the software you should download and use if you are an EDM music producer who has outgrown Audacity.

FL Studio is a top-notch audio editing software that is used by artists like Martin Garrix, Porter Robinson, and others.

The software has been there for over 20 years, which is a treatment in and of itself.


  • FL Studio provides all of the functionality that you would expect from professional DAW software.
  • In addition to standard functions like multi-track editing, time-stretching, audio effects, and more, the software includes "Step Mode," which allows users to quickly build patterns and sequences.
  • "Note Mode" allows you to add melodies and harmony to your music.
  • "Drum Mode," which includes MPC-style 16 or 32 pad layouts, as well as other features.

Pricing: A free trial is available, and a license starts at $99 per year.

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