In one of our previous article, we provided you list for Best Screen recording software for windows, but in this article, we will consider game recording softwares for pc, as to choose the best free screen recorder for game capture, you need to consider certain features like output format, User Interace, FPS speed supported or not, sharpness of video screen, benchmark-setting and the price as well. In this article we have listed Top 5 Best Game Recording Software for Windows which could be useful to you as per your requirement.

Top 5 Free Best Screen Recorder for PC Games

1) OBS Studio


OBS Studio is professional software built to handle a wide variety of systems and formats which makes it an ideal software for gamers that need an all-in-one solution for recording gameplay. This is a free and open source software thar also offers much more functionality to the user. The user interface of this software is so simple you do not need any user manual to understand this software.


  • Multiple platforms supported: Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • Free and open source
  • Support for most live streaming platforms


  • The free version leaves a watermark on your video recording
  • Built-in video editing functions are limited

Price: Free

2) Bandicam


Games come in many formats, but that doesn’t matter to Bandicam. It can capture games running at 3,840 x 2,160 as easily as it can tackle flash games in your web browser. This best game recorder enables you to record at high bitrates and frames. You can record games at flexible frame rates and 4K Ultra HD resolution.


  • FPS overlay and controls
  • Up to 144 fps
  • Built-in compression feature


  • The unregistered version record game video with watermar
  • Built-in video editing functions are limited
  • Not compatible with Macs

Price: Trial version of the program available but with a 10-minute limit and watermark. Paid is $39 for 1 licence and $59 for 2 licences.

3) Nvidia ShadowPlay 

Nvidia Shadowplay

Its in built GPU is an interesting solution for gameplay streaming. Instead of using your system resources, it will use your GPU to handle the heavy lifting while you are playing any game. Another feature is that here you find two different modes. In the shadow mode, your game will be recorded for the maximum of 20 mins while another is manual mode where you can stop and pause recording manually.


  • It uses GPU to handle encoding.
  • The GeForce Experience is free to use if you have an Nvidia GPU.
  • You can share gameplay videos and live streams on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook


  • Limited to work only with Nvidia GPUs 
  • Share UI overlay doesn't really work when not in-game

Price: Free to use

4) Xsplit


This software allows you to capture the screen with just a single click of a mouse button as it will configure the settings for you according to your PC. It provides support via forums to solve any issue.


  • It allows you to cut, stitch, and export your recordings.
  • It has automated stream settings.
  • Provides option to record and stream to all popular platforms like Twitch, Youtube etc.


  • Has limited features in paid version

Price: Basic version is Free. Premium Licenses starting at $8.32/mo

5) Radeon ReLive

Earlier known as AMD ReLive this software also utilizes the GPU for most of the encoding and hence saving your CPU cycles for other stuff. Additionally, it comes with the support as well as such like if you’re playing at 1080p, you can still record at 4K UHD.


  • Free to use.
  • Support for upscaling available.
  • It helps you save you CPU cycle.
  • Easy to setup and use.


  • It works only with AMD GPUs

Price: Free

6. Icecream screen recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use free screen recording software that enables you to record any area of your screen or save it as a screenshot. 


  • Free to use.
  • Record apps and games, video tutorials, webinars, live streams, Skype calls and much more.
  • You can record screen along with audio and webcam. 
  • Add text, arrows and shapes to your screen recording or screenshot.
  • Record full-screen 3D games with screen recorder


  • Free version screen record time is upto 5 mins only
  • You cannot remove default watermark in free version


So these are the Top 5 Best Game Recording Software for Windows and ofcourse each one of them has it's own advantages and disadvantages. Probably, you can just choose it as per your requirement and the one which enhances your gaming experience. Let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions.

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