In previous article, I mentioned How to Turn On Storage Sense In Windows 11 but now in this article, I have mentioned how you can open and use Emoji keyboard in Windows 11.

Emojis have become a part of our way of communicating and expressing ourselves while chatting. They spice up conversations and usually, represent the mood of the person who sends a text. They help to communicate the feeling behind words better than the words themselves, and they sometimes speak volumes when you use them instead of text.??

Digital platforms and devices have embraced using emojis, but your computer may be the last thing on your mind for emojis. But, Microsoft has added emoji keyboards to its product since Windows 8, and as you would expect, Windows 11 comes with even more features than its predecessors.

This article will teach you how to use and open an emoji keyboard on Windows 11, and you will also learn the latest emoji keyboard features in Windows 11.

How To Use Emoji Keyboard On Windows 11

There are two ways to use the emoji keyboard on Windows 11. You can either use keyboard shortcuts or your touch keyboard. Let's go into the details already.

Method 1: Open Emoji Keyboard with Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts come in handy in carrying out several tasks on Microsoft Windows, and Windows 11 is not left out. You can open and use the emoji keyboard with dedicated keyboard shortcut keys on your computer with the following steps:

  • Click on the text box where you want to add the emoji and press the Windows button + Full-stop (.) to open Emoji keyboard


  • Alternatively, you can press the Windows button + Semicolon (;) on the physical keyboard.

a1 - Copy.png

The emoji keyboard will open on the screen.


and you can select the desired emoji as follows:

  • Use the arrow keys on your physical keyboard to navigate to the emoji you wish to use. You can navigate left, right, up, or down. 

a1 - Copy - Copy.png

  • Press Enter to select an emoji, and you can add another emoji by repeating the process of navigating with the arrow key and pressing Enter to select the desired emoji.
  • You can also navigate the on-screen emoji keyboard with the mouse.
  • Press the Escape (Esc) key to close the emoji keyboard.

Method 2: Open Emoji Keyboard with PC Touch Keyboard

One of the features of Windows 11 is the touch keyboard - an on-screen keyboard for typing just like your regular keyboard. The touch keyboard experience is better for touchscreen computers since you can type on these computers as you do on your smartphone. Follow the steps below to open and enable the emoji keyboard with the PC touch keyboard:

  • Enable your touch keyboard by right-clicking on the taskbar and then choosing taskbar settings.


  • In the taskbar settings window, navigate to the ‘taskbar corner icons’ section and click on the Touch Keyboard toggle to enable it.


The Touch Keyboard will become active, and you will see the icon in the action centre on your taskbar.

  • In your taskbar, click on the touch keyboard icon to bring up the touch keyboard.


  • When the Touch keyboard pops up, click on the emoji icon beside the settings icon at the top left corner to open the emoji window.


  • In the emoji window, you can conveniently select a desired emoji with the mouse or tap it if you use a touchscreen PC.

Please note that the Touch keyboard will not work if on-screen keyboard is active. On-screen keyboard is another Windows app for typing, but it does not support emojis.

What's New On Windows 11 Emoji Keyboard?

Windows 10 emoji keyboard was superb, but there are new and exciting features on the Windows 11 emoji keyboard that enhances the user experience with emojis. These new features include:

New And Better Emojis

The windows 11 emoji keyboard comes with new emojis that were not on Windows 10.

Apart from adding new emojis, these emojis are now bigger and well-detailed. They are also well-spaced, brighter, and well arranged.


Sometimes, emojis are not enough to convey your message, and GIFs are the solutions. Other Windows keyboards do not have this feature, but it is available in the Windows 11 emoji keyboard.

Improved Search Section

Sometimes, finding the emoji you need might be difficult. The Windows 11 emoji keyboard has an improved search section at the top of every category. With this search section, you can search for an emoji you want to use.

Clipboard History

The Windows 11 emoji keyboard has a Clipboard History button that allows you to recall previously copied texts.

Recent Emojis

On Windows 11 emoji keyboard, you can now access your recent emojis. These emojis are suggested based on the emojis you have used recently.


The windows 11 emoji keyboard allows easy mobility. You can now align your keyboard horizontally and vertically for convenience.


Kaomojis are Japanese-styled emojis, and they are now available on Windows 11. These kaomoji can be inserted even in applications that do not support orthodox emojis.


Emojis make conversations more fun, but you should know that they appear differently in different applications. For example, the way emojis appear in WordPad differs from Notepad.

You have learned how to open and use the emoji keyboards in Windows 11 in this post, and you can choose any method that suits you.

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