With the Apple watch series we can say that Apple really focuses on health and fitness as well along with Technology. Due to the fact that world ois moving toward an unhealthy era where everyone is concerned about earning the money and ignore their health, the Apple watch series can help in determining health conditions of their users and warn them way before the damage.


Below are the points which can be life saving for an individual.


1) Helps in diagnosing sleeping disorders-

It is a serios sleep disorder that occurs when person's breathing gets interrupted during sleep. Wearing an Apple watch could help you detect this problem.

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2) Detect heart diseases-

Diseases related to the Heart are the most common type of diseases these days due to increased stress and busy lifestyle. One has to stay fit in order to survive in this competetive world. Apple watch can help you detect unusual heart rate which is one of the most common symptoms of heart disease. It has a Heart rate monitor through which you can analyse and predict if there could be any disease or problem with the functionallity of the Heart. Heart readings will be displayed via the heart rate app.

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3) SOS Feature -

This is an important feature which could prove life saving in an unusual circumstances. The feature works wirelessly with a user's iPhone to automatically initiate a call with local emergency services. It acts as a a panic button for people to call 911 from their Apple Watch. The SOS feature can also be used for medical emergencies. It can be programmed to share a basic medical ID, giving emergency services your name, age, and listing any medical conditions. It will also automatically message the friends and family you have assigned as contacts.


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