In previous article, we mentioned  Best NFT communities to look for but now in this article, I have mentioned best NFT telegram groups to join and learn or share knowledge related to NFT.

NFTs have been an avenue to make digitally for creators. Little wonder the number of people who venture into it keeps growing daily.

NFT traders have explored different kinds of NFTs, from digital collectibles and paintings to play-to-earn games, and one factor that has helped them is the access to regular updates from NFT marketplaces and other traders like them.

Creators and traders get updates from several platforms, but Telegram groups are one of the best platforms to get up-to-date information about NFTs.

This post will discuss the best NFT telegram groups and how they can help you earn more from NFTs.

What You Should Look For In An NFT Telegram Group

The following are the factors to consider before choosing an NFT telegram group.


The first thing to look for in a telegram group is the audience. A good NFT telegram group should have a lot of members and be dedicated only to NFT discussions.

The more members in an NFT telegram group, the more likely you will learn and engage with like minds.


There are different types of NFT telegram groups. Some groups are dedicated to promoting NFT arts and digital collectibles, while others may be for NFT events.

A good NFT telegram group should satisfy your needs, whether you are a beginner or an established investor.


There are so many scams in Telegram groups, and it is easy to be a victim. Hence, some NFT telegram groups have rules and bots that can filter spam or disable direct messages to protect members from scams.

However, these Telegram groups have no power to control spam that could happen in private chats. 

Best NFT Telegram Groups

Here are some of the best NFT groups on Telegram

NFT Artists And Buyers


With over 18 thousand members, NFT Artists And Buyers is one of the best NFT groups on Telegram.

In this group, artists can promote their works and find potential buyers. This group is beneficial to artists because they get to express themselves and show off their artwork with ease.

NFT Community


NFT Community is a Telegram group dedicated to all kinds of people who are interested in NFTs.

It has over 49 thousand members and is one every beginner should check out. The group's pinned post is a detailed explanation of NFTs and how the market works. 

NFTs Metaverse And Stock News


NFTs Metaverse And Stock News is one of the largest NFT-dedicated groups on Telegram with over 500 thousand subscribers. It focuses on information about NFTs, Metaverse, and the Indian stock exchange. If you are an Indian that wants to keep up with news about NFTs and the Indian stock exchange, this Telegram group is perfect for you.


NFT telegram

Colexion is a Telegram group dedicated to celebrity-based licensed NFTs. It has over 31 thousand members and showcases sports, entertainment, and celebrity art.

On this group's linked channel, you can buy, sell and trade celebrity-based NFTs. The group's admins also regularly post NFT news and updates.

The goal of Colexion is to empower digital artists to enter into the Metaverse which has been predicted to be the next main thing on the internet.



OpenSea is known as the first and largest decentralized NFT marketplace. There are over 39 million items listed for transactions on OpenSea, and lots of them are available on its Telegram group.

The OpenSea Telegram community has about 13 thousand members and does not only features NFTs and digital collectibles. It also features NFT launches, promotions, private sales, and Bitcoin giveaways.

You should join this Telegram group if you want regular NFT updates.

NFT Marketplace Updates


If you are a member of NFT Marketplace Updates, it would be hard to miss any of the latest updates in the NFT marketplace.

This group has over 100 thousand members, and to prevent spam and scam messages, only admins can post on the group.

The admins usually accompany updates with pictures and videos to help members understand them better.

NFT Art & Artists


This Telegram group is dedicated to sharing only digital artworks and has over 6 thousand members.

The NFT community lets you share your NFT projects and links to your Instagram and helps artists connect with their fellow artists.

However, the group has a rule that allows members to post only once daily to maintain order. Also, any artist that wants to post the same thing again should let the admins know days before.


Telegram groups are the best place to create communities because they can accommodate as many people as possible. The Telegram groups in this article are beneficial to NFT enthusiasts and should no doubt help them connect or get updates.

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