In previous article, I mentioned Rabbit Alternatives ( but in this article, I have mentioned Best free or paid Truecrypt Alternatives with it's features.

Truecrypt is a free, open-source encryption tool that offers many features, including creating encrypted volumes and setting up encrypted operating systems. Truecrypt is easy to use and also safe. 

To the surprise of many, Truecrypt stopped operation in 2014, and its last version - Truecrypt 7.1a, which is still available for download, has not been maintained for years. You will learn about the best Truecrypt alternatives for continuity of data encryption.

Here are the alternative encryption tools you can trust when choosing Truecrypt replacements.

1. Veracrypt


Veracrypt is an encryption tool that will prove you wrong if you are worried you may never find an app that works precisely as Truecrypt. It is similar to Truecrypt 7.1a, and many users believe there is no difference between both. However, it features more improvements like additional security enhancements when compared to Truecrypt.

With Veracrypt, you can convert TrueCrypt volumes, supporting Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), TwoFish, and Serpent encryption ciphers. 


  • The encryption and decryption process can be interrupted and resumed whenever you want. 
  • It supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and others. 
  • Creates a virtual encrypted disk within a file and ensures the actual disk is mounted. 
  • Encryption on modern processors is hardware-accelerated.
  • Veracrypt can run in portable mode, meaning you can carry it without installing it on your computer.
  • It encrypts files after saving them and decrypts the same whenever you want to access them. 
  • Encrypts an entire partition or storage device such as a USB flash drive or hard drive.
  • Encrypts a partition or drive where the operating system is installed.
  • Encryption is automatic, real-time, and transparent.
  • It features parallelization and pipelining, allowing data to be read and written as fast as if you did not encrypt the drive.

2. Cryptomator


Cryptomator is an encryption tool used for cloud storage. With Cryptomator, you can protect your data because the encryption platform operates on a client-side encryption system. 

The main goal of Cryptomator is to ensure encrypted data is taken out of the reach of unauthorized users and placed in the hands of the authorized ones. This encrypted data is available to you on the cloud or any storage connected to your computers like a local drive or USB flash drive. 


  • It puts a lock on your cloud.
  • It lets you protect your data by yourself and independently.
  • It encrypts files with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a 256-bit key length.
  • It features encrypted cloud backup.
  • You can access your files from all your devices.
  • It requires no complicated 'key creation,' registration, or configuration.
  • It supports cloud providers like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and WebDAV. 
  • You can share files with other Cryptomator users.
  • Supports Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux

3. AES Crypt


AES Crypt uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to encrypt files, and it proves to be a simple but hard-to-crack software with a user-friendly interface.

With this tool, you can encrypt your files one at a time. Once a file is encrypted, you should not be bothered about another person accessing it without knowing your password. 


  • Password-protected Encryption.
  • Java library is available to developers that use Java for AES formatted files. 
  • It will produce an encrypted file with the same name as the original file but with a ".aes" extension.
  • It uses a 256-bit encryption algorithm to secure files.
  • It is an encryption tool for Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Python, PHP, and Java.
  • It encrypts and secures your most sensitive files safely.
  • It does not delete the original file.
  • The decryption of an encrypted file is easy.

4. AXCrypt



AXCrypt is a reliable encryption tool that is used to secure files. AXCrypt does more than password protection; it scrambles data to be protected so that only people with the key can access it. 

AXCrypt is easy to use and allows you to encrypt multiple files simultaneously, and you can also save these files online. Try out AXCrypt, which may be an excellent alternative to Truecrypt. 


  • It uses standard AES-128 Encryption.
  • It lets other AxCrypt users access secured files with their passwords.
  • Seamless password management.
  • You can access files secured by other members of your team. 
  • Allows you to upload multiple files at a time. 
  • You do not need to configure AXCrypt.
  • It automatically secures your files in Dropbox, Google Drive, etc
  • You can let AXCrypt automatically generate a random key to be kept safely.
  • It encrypts and decrypts files on your Android phone, iPhone, or tablet anytime.

5. File Lock PEA


The File Lock Password Encryption Archive (PEA) is an encryption platform that protects folders using passwords. With File Lock PEA, you can decrypt individual files or whole directories. 

File Lock PEA is a Java-based program and needs Java Runtime Environment to run smoothly in your system.


  • Includes Metadata hiding that ensures file names and other properties are not visible. 
  • You can decrypt single files or whole directories temporarily.
  • It supports encryption authentication.
  • It encrypts data at the filesystem level.
  • It offers the possibility to decrypt single files or whole directories temporarily.
  • It saves your files in the cloud and uploads new versions using several cloud providers.
  • It makes file names and other data invisible by encrypting them in zip files.
  • It lets you add a second factor besides the password and also protect your data with a 'key' file, and you can store it wherever you want.

6. BoxCryptor

Truecrypt alternative

Even before Truecrypt ended, BoxCryptor has been one of the most reliable encryption tools. This software is optimized for the cloud and supports popular cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud. 

To keep your files safe, BoxCryptor creates an encrypted folder that can be added to your cloud storage folder. After the encrypted folder has been created, you will set a password for it and add files you want to protect. 


  • Two-Factor Authentication 
  • Automatic Encryption and decryption on devices 
  • Extra app protection 
  • The name of your file is also encrypted.
  • It is free for non-commercial use.
  • You get more features with an upgrade.
  • It features a positive security audit of the Boxcryptor code through Kudelski Security.


Updates for Truecrypt have stopped coming in, but the world moves on. Moving on means finding an alternative to Truecrypt. Try out any of the options in this post, and you may kiss Truecrypt goodbye. 

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