In previous article, we have mentioned Best free LastPass alternative to use (Open Source), but now in this article, we will be providing free and open source alternatives of Auth0, which is one of the most used developer-friendly login platforms.

Auth0 is a developer-friendly identification platform. You can simply integrate social login, multi-factor authentication, passwordless login, single sign-on, etc, with excellent features and security, but it is expensive platform and there are lots of free and open source alternatives to it.

1. SuperToken.IO

Supertoken is open source Authentication platform, which quick to implement and easy to customize.



  • A fully customisable frontend UI with default themes available
  • Email & password login and forgot password flows
  • OAuth (Social, OpenID) login
  • Secure session management
  • Available for NodeJS, GoLang & Python. Additional tech stacks will be supported soon


  • Languages like Java, PHP is not supported for now
  • Partial Support for Vanilla JS

2. KeyCloak


Keycloak is a great and promising Authentication platform, which allows you to add authentication to applications and secure services with minimum fuss.

No need to deal with storing users or authenticating users. It's all available out of the box.


  • Allows Single-Sign On
  • OAuth (Social, OpenID) login
  • Lightweight, fast and scalable
  • Advanced features such as User Federation, Identity Brokering are available


  • Poor Documentation

3. Ory


Ory is the only identity platform that can scale indefinitely and is based entirely on open source.

Ory builds cloud-native authentication (login), authorization (permission), delegation (OAuth2, OpenID Connect), and user management software. You can deploy what you need yourself or use the Ory Cloud Platform and get started in minutes.


  • Authenticate and manage users, set and check permissions, protect your APIs, applications, and data - all inside an intuitive console.
  • MFA, Permissions and Roles, Custom Branding, OAuth2, OIDC, IAP, RBAC, integrations - in a 5Mb docker image.
  • Ory Cloud is based on our open source software and grows with every community member and pull-request.
  • No limits on monthly active users are part of all pricing plans - pay for what you use.
  • Migration from and to Ory Cloud is simple.
  • Ory is completely headless - use your styles and design, and let your designers take back control.
  • Supports all major programming languages 


  • None 

4. (Has Free plan)

FusionAuth seamlessly plugs into your applications and is fully customizable for your needs. It handles the auth so you can focus on your business.

Get everything you need for secure registration and user management in minutes. Single-tenant, on-prem or private cloud, custom emails with localization, social login, and more.


  • Stay in control of all your apps and data with flexible downloadable SaaS architecture.
  • Every type of registration, login, authentication and authorization you need for all your apps in minutes, not months.
  • Add single sign-on to your custom applications or integrate with existing applications.
  • Excellent Security, Data Control, and Compliance
  • You get more control of your passwords and hashing than you ever asked for. Change allowable characters, adjust your hashing algorithm to common standads or add your own. It's up to you.
  • You can monitor and manage your users and applications with at-a-glance dashboards, easy to configure groups, and detailed reporting.

5. Gluu Server

Gluu Server is a container distribution of free open source software (FOSS) for identity and access management (IAM).

SaaS, custom, open source and commercial web and mobile applications can leverage a Gluu Server for user authentication, identity information, and policy decisions.


  • OpenID Connect, Signle Sign-On
  • Everyone knows passwords are not secure. FIDO offers an alternative to passwords–cryptographic authentication using hardware or software. 
  • The UMA standard provides a way to interact with a person post-authentication.
  • Using Kubernetes and other cloud native tools, you can improve the efficiency of operation and auto-scale to cost effectively meet demand
  • Support OAuth 2.0
  • Supports SCIM protocol.

6. Authelia

Authelia is an open-source authentication and authorization server and portal fulfilling the identity and access management (IAM) role of information security in providing multi-factor authentication and single sign-on (SSO) for your applications via a web portal.

It acts as a companion for common reverse proxies.


  • With a compressed container size smaller than 20 megabytes and observed memory usage normally under 30 megabytes, it's one of the most lightweight solutions available.
  • Prevent brute force login attempts by only allowing a certain number of logins before the user is locked for a period.
  • Single Sign-On
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Time-based One-Time password with Google Authenticator.
  • Mobile Push Notifications with Duo.
  • Beta support for OpenID Connect.
  • Authorization policies and many other backend tasks are completed in mere milliseconds and login portal loading times of 100 milliseconds makes it one of the fastest solutions available.

That's it, these are some of the best open source alternatives of Auth0, there are many more out there but we have picked best ones for you, if we have missed any open source alternative, please mention them in comments.

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