In previous article, I mentioned Google Drive Alternatives but in this article, I have mentioned best free or paid Blazemeter alternatives which you can use to integrated load testing.

BlazeMeter is one of the best tools for integrated load testing for a group of cloud systems. Not many other tools can boast of its features, but it also lack some features you will get from some of its competitors.

Whether you need them for their pricing or usability edge over BlazeMeter, it is good to consider some alternatives, and you will get a detailed analysis of the best options in this article. Read on!

The following tools are the best alternatives to BlazeMeter you should check out.

1. Apache JMeter

BlazeMeter Alternatives best

Apache JMeter is an open-source desktop software for checking how a server, group of servers, or network can handle a heavy load. It helps you analyze and measure the performance of these cloud systems. 

Apache JMeter was primarily designed to test web applications, but it has seen some expansions that make it suitable for handling several testing functions. 


  • You can carry out load and performance tests on many server types like web (HTTP, HTTPS), Database (via JDBC), SOAP/REST, and others. 
  • Apache JMeter is portable and has 100% Java purity. 
  • Apache JMeter allows concurrent sampling by many threads and of different functions at a time by separate thread groups.
  • Apache JMeter has an excellent user interface that allows easy navigation.
  • Apache JMeter has pluggable samplers that accommodate unlimited testing capabilities. 
  • Apache JMeter gives an in-depth analysis of test results. 
  • Apache JMeter caches test results so you can replay them offline. 

2. Loadium

free BlazeMeter Alternatives

Loadium is one of the best alternatives to BlazeMeter. It is a load testing platform for performance testing on open source tools like JMeter, Selenium, and Gatling. With Loadium, you can subject your products to a heavy load for performance analysis. 


  • With Loadium, you can run a new test with every update to check for errors and defects. 
  • Loadium is 100% compatible with Apache JMeter. 
  • You can edit your tests locally or with Loadium. 
  • Loadium lets you record HTTP or HTTPS requests from your browser. 
  • You can run tests with Loadium without scripting applications 
  • You can save tests as JSON and JMX to use them other times. 

3. Locust

locust - BlazeMeter Alternatives

Locust is an easy-to-use, open-source load testing tool that uses Python code to define user behavior.

You can compare this testing tool to the literal locust as it swarms your system with multiple users simultaneously. It helps you discover how many of these users the system can handle. 


  • Locust has a user-friendly web-based UI. 
  • Locust has features like dashboards and visualizations that give an in-depth analysis of test results. 
  • Locust provides your testing team with an update of the test's current performance. 
  • Locust enables testing teams to run additional tests and compare the results for every user, task, and request. 
  • Each generated user runs tasks in parallel to reduce run time. 
  • Locust allows you to generate custom load shapes. 

4. Loader

BlazeMeter Alternatives

Loader is a fully manageable data monitoring and assessment testing service used to stress-test web apps and APIs by bombarding them with millions of concurrent users. 

Loader also helps you to identify threats and notify you when these threats are close to happening. 


  • Loader gives advanced analysis of test results. 
  • With Loader, you can run multiple tests simultaneously. 
  • Loader comes with DNS verification. 
  • Loader's dashboard ensures you can view the entire platform without needing to download any additional software. 
  • You can prioritize a specific test over others. 
  • Loader's website features video tutorials and an FAQ section that keeps you updated on software upgrades.

5. K6

BlazeMeter Alternatives

K6 is a free, open-source load testing tool for testing how websites, web apps, APIs, and microservices perform. This app has over 1 million installations and has grown in popularity over the years as the preferred loading tool for developers and QA engineers. 


  • Checks and thresholds for goal-specific, automation-friendly load testing. 
  • CLI tools with APIs that any developer would love. 
  • Scripting in JavaScript ES2015/ES6 that supports local and remote modules. 
  • K6 helps to minimize resource consumption while running high load tests. 
  • It features a continuous performance analysis while gradually adding the load. 
  • Integration using the Cloud REST API. 

6. Flood

BlazeMeter Alternatives

Flood is a load testing platform for running globally-distributed performance tests with open source tools like JMeter, Gatling, and Selenium. Flood is the go-to tool if you want to perform load testing on a single URL, simulate real-life user experience, or execute large concurrency. 


  • Flood displays the live results of your tests on its dashboard. 
  • Flood lets you use or host grid notes of your own. 
  • You can run a limitless number of tests with as many users. 
  • Flood is 100% compatible with Apache JMeter and Gatling. 
  • Flood lets you share results and personalize them with custom color and logo configuration. 
  • Flood gives descriptive reports with raw data available in JSON or CSV formats.

7. Gatling

BlazeMeter Alternatives

Gatling is a free, open-source load testing tool based on Scala, Akka, and Netty. It is great for measuring and analyzing the performance of numerous services, but its main focus is on web apps. 


  • You can simulate millions of users simultaneously navigating your application. 
  • You can integrate it into your software development life cycle. 
  • Gatling automatically deploys load injectors. 
  • Gatling gives testing reports that accurately identify errors and defects. 
  • Gatling has a centralized interface that enhances collaboration. 


There is no disputing the power BlazeMeter possesses as a load testing tool, but the alternatives we have shortlisted in this article are equally as powerful. Check them out. 

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