In previous article, i mentioned Free AWS S3 alternatives but now in this article, I have mentioned best free or paid aspose pdf alternatives, to use it's API to merge, edit pdf files programmatically.

Aspose.Pdf is one of the best Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for creating and making changes to PDF files. It is also great for converting PDF files to HTML, DOC, DOCX, XPS, and others.

These features have put Aspose.Pdf among the best apps for creating and editing PDF files. However, it is not available for free. You need to pay to access its services. Paying to use Aspose.Pdf may not be much of a problem until you realize you can get its features from other apps for free.

This post will discuss some of the best free alternatives to Aspose.Pdf. They have similar or equal features to Aspose.Pdf, some are free, while others have free and paid packages.



Api2PDF is one of the best free Aspose PDF alternatives available for free. It is a user-friendly REST API for converting HTML to PDF in minutes. It runs on AWS Lambda and can generate PDFs.

Its mission statement is to make the experience of generating PDFs for application developers not completely miserable, and it has lived up to that expectation.

You can use the API with any programming language, but it offers client libraries to generate PDFs in Python, PHP, and C# with more still coming up.


  • Convert HTML & URLs to PDF
  • Convert images
  • Microsoft Office documents to PDF
  • Merge PDFs
  • Barcodes
  • Print invoice/receipt to PDF



ZetPDF is another Aspose PDF alternative that is fast and reliable. It is a .NET SDK for adding PDF render and print support in .NET applications.

ZetPDF includes a PDF viewer control for Windows Forms, WPF and Silverlight and a .NET library for rendering and printing PDF files from any .NET application.

With ZetPDF, you can develop high-performance .NET applications and create, edit, convert, protect or print PDF documents without requiring Adobe Acrobat. 


  • It supports annotating PDF files. 
  • Bookmarks navigation
  • It supports adding and removing file attachments. 
  • Great .NET performances
  • Protection and encryption
  • Form editing
  • Text handling


PDFium is also an excellent Aspose PDF alternative you can trust for generating, manipulating, and viewing files in the portable document format. It is a leading .Net library that offers a high-level c#/VB.Net API for dynamic pdf creation on a WEB server or any other server system. It is also perfect for implementing the 'Save as PDF' feature in existing desktop or WEB applications.

Its primary design goal is to make things simple and intuitive to developers. 


  • Rich rendering capabilities.
  • It lets you generate PDFs on the fly.
  • High performance
  • Flexible page management
  • Text manipulation
  • Easy page object editing
  • PDF forms and Javascript
  • Supports asynchronous reading
  • Well-documented SDK



PDF-LIB is also one of the best Aspose PDF alternatives for creating PDF documents from scratch or modifying existing ones in any Javascript environment.

It is a self-hosted app written in TypeScript and compiled to pure JavaScript with no native dependencies. It works in any JavaScript runtime, including browsers, Node, Deno, and React Native.

It has an edge over other open-source JavaScript PDF libraries since most of them can only create documents and cannot modify existing ones. They also usually work in particular environments. 


  • Create new PDFs
  • Modify existing PDFs
  • Create forms
  • Fill and flatten forms. 
  • Add, insert, and remove pages. 
  • Copy pages between PDFs
  • Draw text, images, PDF pages, vector graphics, and SVG paths.



SelectPDF is an Aspose PDF alternative with several features for free. It offers a dedicated cloud service and a REST API that you can use to convert HTML to pdf in any language.

It is one of the best online tools for converting web pages or HTML files to PDF visualization documents. It has a user-friendly interface that lets you customize documents the way you want.

You can easily use it on websites and blogs to allow the conversion of blogs' pages in the form of HTML to pdf files for easy reading. It is also a perfect tool for saving pages for a long time, and it permits the functionality of the .NET library for .NET framework applications.


  • It supports creating, writing, editing, handling, and reading PDF files without external dependencies within .NET applications. 
  • It lets you create PDF files from scratch or process existing ones entirely through C#/VB.NET without installing Adobe Acrobat. 
  • Security settings. 
  • Digital signatures. 
  • PDF merge/split. 
  • Text, HTML, and image drawing into pdf.
  • PDF form fields filling.
  • PDF portfolios.



pdfcrowd is one of the best Aspose PDF alternatives - a cloud-based service that allows you to convert files between HTML, PDF, and image formats. It has a user-friendly API and provides client libraries for many programming languages for easy integration.

With pdfcrowd, you can:

  • HTML to Image API
  • Image to PDF API
  • Image to Image API
  • PDF to PDF API

It automatically improves readability by removing distracting elements such as pop-ups overlapping the content.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast conversion
  • Available in your browser
  • Pick up code from any public website. 
  • It provides an API for developers.


That's it, these were some of the aspose.pdf alternatives

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