Well, the computer is a very intelligent device and it can do a lot of works. But that doesn’t mean that it is error free. A computer is an addition of some software and hardware tools and they can become malfunctioned at any time. Sometimes the hardware tool can develop problems and causes a crash, hang, and other problems.  We all know that in a computer there are different types of problems that can cause malfunctions in the PC. However, Windows PC comes with a lot of tools and features to fix most of the problems. Moreover, Microsoft is also continuously working to solve all kind of issues that can cause a malfunctioned PC.


Disk read error is one of the most common problems that the windows users often face. If you are one of them then you may know how much pain it becomes when the problem occurs. You will be constantly stuck in the restart loop and can’t be able to boot your windows. You will see an error message "A disk error occurred, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart". When you will press the mentioned button the PC will restart again and will show you the same message and it will continue to do so until you fix it. In this article, we will show you some solutions to solve a disk Read error in windows.


Top Reason the disk Read error occurs in windows

There are a lot of reasons which cause disk can read error in windows operating systems. Here are some of the most common reasons behind the problem:

  1. Hard disk malfunction such as failing or damaged hard disk can cause such problems
  2. Corruption in memories can cause disk read error in windows operating system.
  3. Malfunctioned HDD cables can also cause this error.
  4. Sometimes wrong boot order can cause disk read error.
  5. Corruption in the boot sector and BCD causes disk read error.
  6. Disk error can also be caused by incorrect MBR configuration.
  7. A problem in BIOS can also cause the error.
  8. It can be also caused by wrong but active partition.

All of the reasons mentioned above can causes the disk read error in windows operated computers. But the invalid active partition and incorrect MBR configuration can causes this problem most of the time. Continue reading this article to know the solutions to solve a disk Read error in windows.

5 solutions to solve a Disk Read error in windows

Before you began to solve disk read error in windows make sure that you have removed all kind of bootable CD, DVD, or USB drive from your computer. Actually, you will need to remove all kind of removable devices from your computer. Otherwise, it will cause much more problem than solving the error:

1. Set the boot order correctly:

The disk read error problem can be caused because of the wrong boot order. It means that your computer is trying to boot from another partition which doesn’t contain the operating system. To solve this problem, you will need to set the C drive or the hard drive that contains the operating system as the top priority. You can do it from the boot order section. Follow the below steps to set up the boot order correctly:

  1. Press the delete or F1 or F2 key continuously according to the instruction from the PC screen to enter BIOS setup.
  2. After pressing the key, you will be moved to the setup page where you will found multiple options. Click on Boot device Priority from there.
  3. You will see the top priority partition in there. If the hard disk is not marked as the top priority then choose it as the top priority. Use the arrow up or arrow down to select.
  4. After selecting the top priority, click on F10 to save the setting and exit.

If the problem is caused by malfunctioned boot order then following the above method will solve your problem. Otherwise, try the other methods.

  2. Check the IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) Cable

The Integrated Dive Electronics Cable is the one which connects your pc to the motherboard. If there is a problem in the cable then you may see the disk read error message. You can open up the hood of your computer and check the cable whether it is okay or not. However, it’s a very rare reason for disk error problem.

Remember that it is not recommended to open up your PC if you are not familiar with the hardware. Otherwise, you will lose the warranty of the PC and it can also cause much more problems.

3. Check the Hard Disk

Sometimes the old and faulty hard disk also causes the disk error problems. If the hard disk failure is the reason for disk read error message then you will need to replace the hard disk with a new one. However, to make sure the hard disk is faulty, you can check it with a diagnostic tool. Follow the below method to check whether your hard disk should be changed or not:

  1. Restart your PC and start it normally. When the windows screen appears press F12 key to go to the boot menu.
  2. There you will find some option. You will need to select hard drive by arrow down or arrow up button.
  3. From the hard drive, press Enter to begin the diagnostic process. It will start checking for problems in your hard drive.
  4. After a while, you will see the report whether the hard drive is good or not.

4. Run Memory Test by Memtest86+

The Memtest86+ is a great tool to check the memory condition of your computer. I will describe the process below. You will need to have access to another PC to download and burn the app. Follow the below rules:


  1. Connect your PC to a USB flash drive.
  2. Download Windows Memtest86 Auto-installer for USB Key and then install it.
  3. After downloading, extract the file and open the folder.
  4. Run the Memtest86 USB installer and choose the USB drive to burn the software.
  5. Now, insert the same USB drive in the problematic PC.
  6. Now restart your PC and also make sure that you have selected the USB flash drive as booting option.
  7. The software will start checking for corruption in the memory. If the result shows positive then there is no problem with your PC’s memory.
  8. If you see some steps seem unsuccessful then there is corruption in the memory and you will see them.
  9. You will need to replace your RAM to get rid of the problems.

5. Try Automatic/Startup Repair

If you do not find the solution by the above methods then I will request you to run automatic or startup repairing process. Follow the below guide to run the process:


  1. At first, insert the bootable DVD or recovery disk and then restart your PC.
  2. In the prompt menu, press any key to boot from your DVD or CD.
  3. In the next page, you will be asked to choose the language preferences. Select your preferred language and click next.
  4. In the next page will see options such as install now and repair your computer. You will need to go for repair your computer.
  5. After that you will be moved to another screen, just select the troubleshoot option from there.
  6. Then choose the advanced option from the next page.
  7. You will find the automatic repair option in there. Click on it and the process will begin.
  8. Windows will automatically repair your computer.

The above-mentioned reasons are some of the top reasons for disk read errors. Hopefully, the above-mentioned ways will help you to fix your computer.  If you are still not able to solve a disk Read error in windows, please let us know by comment. We will try our best to solve the problem.