Beyond manually switching between light and dark themes on Windows 11, It is interesting that you can automatically Switch Between Light and Dark Themes on Windows 11. Indeed, Microsoft Windows does not have an option to automate this feature, but there is a tweak to set it up and avoid interfering with the settings whenever you need to change things. 

With this tweak, you have different options for setting up your PC to switch between light and dark themes.

You will learn all it takes to set up the feature in this guide. Let us get started!

Automate Light and Dark Themes with Auto Dark Mode App

Auto Dark Mode is an open-source app for PC that lets you customize how and when your themes change. You can set your PC to switch between both themes at sunrise and sunset, or you may choose your preferred hours for each theme to activate. To proceed, you need to install the Auto Dark Mode application.

Download and Install Auto Dark Mode App

Download the Application

Auto Dark Mode is available online for free, and you can download it on Github or the Microsoft app store. It has a good user review and is safe for your device - free of viruses. Note that you must have Visual Studio Code (VS Code) on your system before you can download it from the Microsoft store. Github is a better alternative that does not require a third-party app. Therefore, I will use Github in this illustration. 

  • Click here to start the download process. 
  • Click Windows-Auto-Night-Mode at the top area of the page.


  • Scroll down the next page to the Downloading and Installing section. Select the "click here to download the newest version of Auto Dark Mode" option.


  • You can also click the "more download options" button.
  • Scroll down the next page to the Assets section. Click one of the options to start the download.


The download process may take a few minutes. It depends on your network strength.

Install the App

When the download is complete, install the app on your computer. Navigate to the download folder in your files explorer. Press the Windows button + E to open the file explorer.


Click on Downloads in the file explorer, then Double click the app to begin the installation.


The app has a user-friendly interface. Therefore, you can work through the installation process.

Launch Auto Dark Mode

After the installation, the app will launch automatically. But, if it does not, open it manually by searching for it with the search button.


Setup the Automatic Switch Between Light and Dark Themes

The next step from here depends on the kind of settings you want. Dark Mode App has five tabs in its menu. Each controls the light and dark themes automation differently. Check each one to know which suits you best.



The time tab lets you base the Dark Mode App automation on time. You can set the PC to switch between the dark or light theme at your preferred time. Also, you can use the "from sunset to the sunrise option" if you prefer not to use hour-based time.

Switch Mode


The next tab in the apps menu is Switch Mode. Switch modes let you suspend the light-dark theme automation while playing games and when your system is not charging. You can set the app not to switch modes while playing games or when your system is not charging.



This tab lets you give preference to certain apps on your system so that the system does not switch mode while you use these apps. There is also an option in this section that disables the Dark Mode App when using Microsoft Office applications.



The personalization tab lets you personalize the light and dark modes settings. It gives you the option to set your preferred wallpapers for both themes. 



The settings tab contains more Settings in the Dark Mode App. You have options to enable or disable the 12-hour clock, hide the tray icon from the taskbar, set the language, use color filters, etc.


Now you know how to automatically switch between light and dark themes on Windows 11 using the Dark Mode application. You can change your PC mode without the app, but you will do it manually every time. However, a one-time setting with the Dark Mode app is enough to enable the automatic switch.

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