Every Windows operating system user knows about the blue screen error of the program. It is one of the painful experiences of all the windows operating system users. Normally, when big causes occur in your operating system then the blue screen error happens. When it happens, your pc became unusable until you solve the issues. Moreover, it will cut all the running works from your PC.


There are different types of blue screen errors in the windows 7. They happen because of a certain reason. Today I will discuss about the blue screen error and I will also guide you to solve the problems. If you want to know about the blue screen errors then continue reading this article.

What is Blue Screen Error?

The blue screen error is actually a sign of a problem for the PC. It is also known as a Stop error. Windows will immediately restart to solve the issue. Typically, the problem doesn’t solve by restarting and your PC will restart again and it will continue like a loop.


The blue screen error is actually a sign of a problem for the PC. It is also known as a Stop error. Windows will immediately restart to solve the issue. Typically, the problem doesn’t solve by restarting and your PC will restart again and it will continue like a loop.

How to Resolve Blue Screen Error in Windows 7

Do some basic troubleshooting when the blue screen error occurs as the errors can happen because of other reason. You can follow the below guides to solve the problem primarily.

1.Troubleshoot the possible problematic programs

Most of the time the blue screen error are caused by simple hardware and software issues. Sometimes windows update, driver update, and apps installation cause the problems. The problems can be solved by troubleshooting your PC.  In the time of basic troubleshooting, you can solve the problems by doing a system restore, roll back to the device driver, or by using the last known good configuration. If you didn’t find any problem with troubleshooting then follow the next steps.


2. Check the available space of your Windows 7 PC

The blue screen error can be caused by low space on your primary drive. Not only this, if the drive is full it can cause much more problems like data corruption, slowing down, and much more. Always make sure that your PC’s primary drive has enough space. Microsoft recommends that every PC has at least 100 MB data free in the primary drive. However, I noticed that such a lower free space is not enough to keep the pc smooth. I will suggest you to keep at least 10 to 20% free space on your primary drive.

3.Scan for Virus and Malware

There is a lot of virus which infect the MBR or master boot sector. They can cause the blue screen error problem. Always keep a stable virus checking and cleaning tool on your pc. Also, make sure that the tool is up to date and enough power to fight against the viruses.

The following points will help you to solve and save your pc from the blue screen error. However, most of the case, the problem caused by different issues. We will discuss the specific problems behind the blue screen error in below.

How to Resolve Blue Screen Error based on the Error Code

We have discussed the common error code resolving technique in below.

Error Code- 0x000000ED (Unmountable Boot Volume)

The 0x000000ED problem is also known as UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME. It is normally caused by outdated and incorrect information based on the boot configuration files (such as the BCD or BOOT.INI). You can solve this problem by recreating the boot configuration with the accurate parameters and setting which will allow windows to boot accurately. You can use the Easy recovery essentials app for it. Follow the below guide to solving the problem.


  1. Download the Easy recovery essentials from the given link for your Windows 7 PC.

        Link: https://neosmart.net/EasyRE/

  1. Now you will need to burn the ISO image. You have to do this part carefully as it is a little bit hard for most of the people to make a bootable CD.
  2. Now boot into the app you downloaded, easy recovery essentials.
  3. You will find a lot of recovery options such as automated repair, virus scanner, browse/backup files, partition edition, etc. just select the automated repair option from there.
  4. Choose the drive where the Windows is installed.
  5. Now the process will start working and it will be done within a short moment.

Error Code: 0x00000024 (NTFS File System)

The error code 0x00000024 means the NTFS file system error and normally it is caused by the data corruption in the hard disk. The problem is normally caused by the newly added hardware tools. You can remove them to solve the problem. However, if you still see the error codes then you can solve this problem by running chkdsk utility tool. If you still can’t solve the problem then your hard drive is damaged and you will need to buy a new one. Follow the below method to solve the problem with the chskdsk utility tool:


  1. At first, install a bootable DVD and boot your windows 7 with it.
  2. Press any key and press to repair your computer.
  3. Now, click on next after choosing your operating system.
  4. Now select command prompt and wait for its opening.
  5. After the launch of the command prompt, enter the command “chkdsk  f/  r/”
  6. Now click enter and finally, you will be able to solve the problem.

Error Code: 0x0000007E (System Thread Exception Not Handled)

There are a lot of problems that can cause the 0x0000007E problem.  You can try the below-listed items to solve this problem:

  1. It can cause by the shortage of the pace in your hard disk. So, clear your hard disk if you find this problem.
  2. If you have an older BIOS version then this problem can happen. Update your BIOS version and it must be compatible with your PC.
  3. If the video drivers of your pc is not compatible with your windows then the problem can happen.
  4. On the other hand, your device drivers should be compatible with your PC to keep it solve the problem.

You will find the information about the BIOS update and drivers of our PC in your PC manufacturer website.

Error Code: 0x0000008E and 0x00000050 (Kernel Mode Exception Not Handled and Page Fault in NonPage Area)

These two problems happen normally for the BIOS update and incompatible drivers in your Windows 7 PC. Hard drive corruption can also be another reason behind these errors. You can solve the problems by following the below guides:


  1. Update your BIOS by following the information from your PC manufacturer website.
  2. Make sure that the drivers of your Windows 7 computer is compatible and delete all the drivers which are not compatible.
  3. Reboot your computer to the last known good configuration from the booting options. You can boot the computer by pressing F8 after restarting. There you will find the Last Known Good Configuration.

There are some other common errors as like as 0x000000D1 and 0X000000EA which causes blue screen error. They cause because of the incompatible drivers. You can remove the drivers and install the right one to solve these problems. 

Hopefully, the above guide will help you to know How to Resolve Blue Screen Error in Windows 7. Most of the solution is also applicable for other versions of the Windows operating systems. If you find a different error code please let us know, we will try to provide you the solution as soon as possible.