In previous article, I have mentioned How To Fix Service Host Local System High Disk Usage? but do you want to flip screen on the windows laptop? There is nothing hectic in that. Here we will let you know how you can effortlessly flip screen on any windows laptop.

There is nothing wrong in landscape mode, in fact, most of the laptop software work efficiently in this mode. However, there are some instances in which screen positioning can help you to boost the overall productivity. For examples, cases in which people usually prefer to work with detail information and tall & thin window screen layout. So, in such occasional cases rotating your laptop screen around 180 degrees will worth. Overall, there are so many reasons that may excite you to flip screen on the windows laptop. So here we will let you know how to flip screen on windows laptop effortlessly in three ways. Just follow the below approaches and steps, and you will be able to rotate your windows laptop screen within no time.

Enough jargon, let's now start with the primary objective of this post.

Three Best Ways To Flip Screen On Windows Laptop

All the three ways that we have mentioned below are easy to go with and the most common approaches that everyone uses. Read on the below section to get introduced with them.

1. Flip Screen On Windows Laptop Using Keyboard Shortcuts

how to rotate laptop screen windows 10

Yes, you can flip screen on windows laptop using keyboard shortcuts. If you're using Windows 7 or Windows 8, things are more straightforward for you. You can flip your laptop screen 90 degrees, 180 degrees or 270 degrees using keyboard shortcuts effortlessly. There is a key combination that you will have to press together to proceed and flip screen on the windows laptop.

All you need to do is press Ctrl+Alt keys together and then the arrow keys up, down, left or right to rotate your screen as per your choice and requirement.

Once you will proceed with these keys, your laptop screen will go blank for a few seconds and then will return back. It happens due to the new screen orientation effect defined you takes place. At any stage, if you want to get your laptop screen back to traditional or default orientation, just press Ctrl + Alt + Up arrow. That's it. That's how you can flip screen on windows laptop using keyboard shortcuts.

2. Flip Screen On Windows Laptop Using Setting

Now that's another best way to Flip Screen On Windows Laptop. It's an easy and quick way that most of the windows laptop user opt to Flip Screen On Windows Laptop. Just follow the below steps to proceed and successfully  Flip Screen On Windows Laptop.

Step 1: First of all you will have to access setting. You can access rotate screen setting directly by clicking right the desktop and then selecting the screen resolution option available in the drop-down menu.

It's really easy to access and change screen orientation using the control panel. You can just hit start and then search for "Screen Orientation" and then hit enter to get into it.

Alternatively, if you want to follow the traditional approach then proceed with the below instruction:

Start >> Control Panel >> Display >> Screen Resolution.

how to rotate screen on laptop

That's it. Now you're all set to proceed and Flip Screen On Windows.

Step 2: once you're there, just select the target monitor that you want to rotate from the drop-down menu box. Once found, click right to select desired landscape or portrait mode in orientation section to proceed to Flip Screen On Windows Laptop.

 how to rotate screen on windows 7,

That's it. You've successfully rotated screen of your windows laptop.

3. Flip Screen On Windows Laptop Using Graphic Settings

This is another best approach towards  Flip Screen On Windows Laptop via graphics panel setting.

You must be knowing that there is so many graphics software, so we can't list them all here. So, consider this section as a general guide for all to Flip Screen On Windows Laptop via graphics settings.

You can access the graphics setting in multiple ways. You can just click right on the desktop and then click on your graphics icon and option to access the setting.

windows 10 rotate screen 90 degrees shortcut

Once you get there, just find the relevant "Screen Rotation/orientation" setting to proceed and Flip Screen On Windows Laptop.

 rotate screen windows 7 keyboard shortcut

rotate screen windows 7 shortcut

The exact location of the option can't be predicted as there are so many manufacturers and thus the location of option varies. Moreover, exploring the options will surely let you access the desired screen orientation setting.

Pro Tips:

  • There is so many software that works to Flip Screen On Windows Laptop. So, if you don't prefer to do this manually, you can opt for them for your laptop.
  • All the approaches mentioned above are safe and healthy for your windows laptop. Also, you can get back to traditional setting anytime you want following the instruction we have provided in keyboard shortcut section.
  • If you're proceeding with Graphic Settings, then its recommended to not touch any other setting options availble there. Make sure you know what you're doing. However, there is nthing that complicated and will not harm your pc at all, but altering the advance setting can affect the overall performance of your pc. Thus, keep all these things in your mind while dealing with Graohic Settings.


So, that's all about how to Flip Screen On Windows Laptop following three easy ways or approaches. Hope this post helped you and delivered the information you were seeking for. 

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