You can always spice up the way your Android device looks with the best free Android themes online. There are several options you can download from Google Play Store, and you will find the best free themes for android in this post.

Why Should You Consider the Best Themes for Android?

Your device is more like an accessory you would love to decorate and customize inside-out, and the best themes will help you give your device a customized look that suits your taste.

Android themes can change your device’s fonts, operating system style, home screen, wallpaper, icons, keyboard, menu, etc. However, you may need a theming launcher to use some of these themes. Let’s see the best free themes for your Android device.

Here are the best free themes for every Android device:

1. Ice Snow Launcher Theme

Themes for Android

Ice Snow Launcher theme will make your Android device more stylish, faster, and organized. It replaces the original phone app icons, clock, and weather theme with ice snow, and you will get rid of your Smartphone’s boring look.


  • Customized icons for popular apps, tools, and messengers.
  • It requires Android version 4.2 and above.
  • Decorate your lock screen with cool ice snow.
  • It has cool wallpapers with a variety of touch gestures.
  • You can change the whole look of the passcode and pattern lock with a quick control panel.
  • Special designs during festive periods like Christmas, new year, valentine, and so on.
  • Smooth 3D effects, HD themes, and wallpapers.

2. Fire Flower Launcher Theme

Themes for Android

The Fire Flower Launcher theme available for all Android devices is another theme that will enhance the appearance of your device. It is available for free, downloadable from Google Play Store, and ideal for a stylish mobile phone appearance.


  • Cool themes and HD wallpapers.
  • It features 3D transition effects.
  • Customized icons for popular apps.
  • Customized lock screen.
  • Different variety of themes, wallpaper, app icons, and daily updates.
  • It requires a CMM launcher.
  • Cool fiery themes for all seasons and holidays.
  • Beautiful backgrounds and icons.

3. Christmas Santa Theme


Themes for Android

The Christmas Santa theme is a great holiday theme for your Android device. It has mainly, customized appearances for holidays, letting you make every day look and feel like Christmas. It is a great choice for holiday fun and natural beauty. You also have the option to change the holiday-like decorations if you have a different preference.


  • You can hide apps if your phone is compromised.
  • It features a performance booster tool.
  • Applies holiday theme to all icons.
  • Icon masking to theme your normal icons.
  • It supports dynamic calendar icons.
  • Daily theme updates.
  • Available for Android version 4.2 and above.

4. Sakura Theme

Themes for Android

The Sakura Launcher theme is a great choice for a springtime feeling, and it can help you feel the warmth of a new season during the springtime or when it approaches. It lets you customize your wallpapers and icon, and you will need the CMM launcher.


  • It features high-quality images specially designed for your device.
  • Daily theme updates.
  • Customized icons for system icons as well as popular and social apps.
  • It features 3D effect themes.
  • It is available for Android version 4.2 and above.
  • It will make your phone faster and more organized.
  • It requires the CMM launcher.

5. Black Silver Launcher Theme

Themes for Android

The Black Silver Launcher theme will fit well if you prefer dark screen mode. CMM launcher INC offers a natural black-silver interface that gives you a new and exciting theme every day. It has a modern and professional look. It is also simple and elegant.


  • It features 3D transition effects.
  • It features high-quality images.
  • You can change how your lock screen looks.
  • It supports dynamic calendar colors.

6. Water Drops Theme

Themes for Android

The water Drops theme is perfect for you if you consider water and raindrops to be relaxing. It will completely change the appearance of your device and offer a better experience with its amazing blue color and water drop icons.


  • Customize app icons to match your preferred style.
  • Different choices of great visual effects.
  • You can change the fonts and wallpaper color.
  • It is available for Android version 4.4 and above.

7. Love Theme Launcher

Themes for Android

Love theme launcher is a free theme launcher for Android devices with several love-sign wallpapers and pink backgrounds. It will make your phone very adorable and give you a feminine feeling. You should consider this theme if you want to incorporate love and heart themes into your everyday life.


  • You can configure it easily.
  • You can customize widgets.
  • It features several love themes and wallpapers.
  • You can customize app icons.
  • Free icon masks for all icons.
  • Available for Android version 4.4 and above.

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