In previous article, I mentioned Power BI Alternatives but in this article, I have mentioned Picuki Alternatives which you can use for viewing/editing instagram posts.

Picuki is a tool you can use to gain access to Instagram without signing in to your account, and you can use it even if you do not own an Instagram account. However, Picuki may not be enough, while some of its alternatives will do. Therefore,  this post highlights some of the best Picuki alternatives you can consider.


Picuki Alternatives

Dumpor, formerly SmiHub, is an Instagram tool that gives services like viewing Instagram stories, images, and videos without logging in to your account. It is a better Instagram viewer app than Picuki and keeps your identity hidden.

Features Of Dumpor

  • You can download Instagram photos and videos.
  • You can anonymously view profiles.
  • You can anonymously view Instagram photos and videos.
  • You can view profiles of private accounts.
  • You can anonymously watch live Instagram videos.
  • It has support for multiple languages.

2. Instaxyz

Alternatives to Picuki

Instaxyz is a free and safe Instagram tool. It is fast and known for its reliability, efficiency, and convenience. Instaxyz has numerous features that make it appeal to people who intend to monetize their Instagram accounts.

Features Of Instaxyz

  • It is easy to use.
  • It shows you the top Instagram accounts you can follow to track them.
  • It shows you popular hashtags that benefit social media strategies.
  • It gives in-depth analytics and stats.
  • You can check for users' comments on posts. 
  • You can check multiple profiles with ease. 

3. Inflact

free Picuki Alternatives

Inflact is a popular Instagram tool and one of the best alternatives to Picuki. It has all the features you need in a third-party Instagram tool and gives you access to unlimited downloads of Instagram content.

Features Of Inflact

  • You can see who has blocked you.
  • It is a good tool for spying on other accounts.
  • You can collect posts and save them to your profile.
  • You can access Instagram without owning an account.
  • You can download media from your profile.
  • The quality of the pictures or videos is not compromised.

4. Gramhir

Alternatives Picuki

Gramhir is very similar to Picuki and it fits as a good alternative to it. In fact, many users prefer it over Picuki because it is a good tool for analysis on Instagram - accurate and reliable.

Features Of Gramhir

  • You can anonymously monitor Instagram accounts.
  • You can use Gramhir to compare two Instagram accounts.
  • It lets you know the projected engagements a post will get.
  • You can download photos, videos, and stories.
  • It shows you the time between posts, so you know how active an account is.
  • It is fast and easy to use, no matter the device.

5. StoriesDown

Picuki Alternatives

StoriesDown is a tool you can use to see content posted on Instagram without using the Instagram app or website. It gives you control over the type of content you want to see and is a good tool for anonymously monitoring Instagram accounts.

Features Of StoriesDown

  • You can filter negative comments before you check the comment section.
  • It shows you the latest content first.
  • You can download Instagram pictures and videos.
  • It lets you use Instagram without creating an account.
  • The website is free and does not have popup ads.
  • Owners of Instagram accounts will not know when you view their stories.

6. IGLookup

Picuki Alternatives

IGLookup is a free tool to check Instagram profiles and content without logging in to an account. It is legal, safe, secure, and easy to use. IGLookup can be used to view private Instagram accounts without sending a request.

Features Of IGLookup

  • It keeps your identity hidden.
  • You can view a private account without sending a request.
  • It is easy to use.
  • You do not need to download additional software.
  • You do not need to create an Instagram account to use IGLookup.

7. Watchinsta

Watchinsta is one of the top Piciku alternatives. It is an Instagram tool that gives you access to pictures and videos of Instagram accounts via its software-integrated website. It works on every mobile device or PC with a good internet connection.

Features Of Watchinsta

  • You can export media in a .zip file.
  • It helps recover files and messages.
  • It automatically checks for updates.
  • You can check private and public profiles.
  • It has undetectable And safe Proxy Support.
  • It is improved constantly to improve user experience. 


Instagram is fun when there are third-party tools that can help the user experience. Picuki is one of these tools, but there are other tools that you can use instead.

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