How to Remove Open to Work on LinkedIn

In this post, you will learn how to remove the Open to Work feature on desktop, iOS, and Android.

How To Run Multiple Commands On PowerShell

This article will guide you on how to run multiple commands sequentially on a single line in PowerShell

How to open zip file in windows (Step by Step)

In this article, I have provided steps to open Zip file in Windows, easily and quickly

Evernote Web Clipper Alternatives

Evernote web clipper is not the only tool for taking screenshots. Therefore, this post will discuss other Evernote web clipper alternatives and their features

Open-source Mailchimp Alternatives

open-source Mailchimp alternatives offer excellent services at affordable rates, and you will learn about them in this post.

How to change gmail background

In this article, I have mentioned step by step procedure to change Gmail background theme.

How to use Filezilla to transfer files

In this article, I have mentioned, how we can use Filezilla FTP client to transfer files between two PC or servers.

How To Check Bios Version in CMD

There are many ways of finding a computer's BIOS version but this post will teach you how to check it with the command prompt.

How to Check Motherboard Version with cmd and PowerShell

You will learn how to check your motherboard version with cmd and PowerShell in this post

Best OpenSea Alternatives

This post will discuss the best OpenSea alternatives where you can trade your NFTs and their features

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