In previous article, I mentioned Open-source Discord Alternatives but in this article, I have mentioned apps like Forest or alternatives to Forest app, which helps you to stay focused at work.

Forest is one of the best apps that can help you keep away from your phone and PC while at work or performing other duties that need extra focus. However, here are other recommendations of the best apps like Forest if it is not good enough for you. Now, let's focus on them!


best Apps Like Forest

OFFTIME is an app you can use to disconnect yourself from your phone and focus on your work, spend quality time with people, or have your "me-time." To do this, OFFTIME lets you monitor and connectivity.

You can permit it to block texts, calls, and notifications that could distract you. It can also be permitted to restrict you from certain apps that let you waste valuable time.

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  • It provides phone and app usage analytics which you can use to compare yourself with other people.
  • It can send custom auto-replies.
  • You can use different profiles depending on your needs.
  • You can schedule auto-start profiles with your calendar.
  • You can set goals you want to achieve.
  • It uses alarms to remind you of excessive phone usage.

2. Don't Waste Today!

similar apps Like Forest

Don't Waste Today! is the top procrastination-tracking app for Android and iPhones. It helps you keep to a set schedule, reducing the number of times you delay activities.

This app shows you how often you procrastinate and why you procrastinate. It also gives you insights on how to fight procrastination. This app aims to train your mind to focus on your goals.

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  • You can choose when it should check up on you.
  • You can decide how frequently it should check up on you.
  • It gives you a score after every day you use it.
  • It notifies you with alarms if you are procrastinating.
  • It shows you a graph of your procrastination activities.
  • It has improved performance on the entries screen.

3. SelfControl

Apps similar to Forest

SelfControl is a free, open-source anti-procrastination app for Mac OS. It lets you block your access to websites, mail servers, or anything else that could distract you on the internet. You only need to set a timer, add the websites you want to block, and start the timer.

Download for Mac OS.


  • Blocking websites is irreversible even if you uninstall the app or restart your computer.
  • You can add as many websites as you wish to the blocklist.
  • You can block websites for between 15 minutes and 24 hours.
  • You can block out the whole internet and leave out a few websites.
  • It categorizes websites you have blocked into three categories: standard distracting websites, news and publications, and emails.

4. FocusMe

Apps Like Forest

FocusMe is an effective anti-procrastination and time-tracking software that blocks all distractions that could come from your device. It prevents you from getting distracted by news, social media, games, and others.

Focus me is free for Android users, but if you want to use it on Windows or Mac, you will need to pay a subscription fee.

Download on Google PlayStore.


  • It lets you see how much time you spend on apps and how frequently you open them.
  • You can limit usage per day or hour.
  • You can create a break between launches.
  • It has a password protection feature.
  • You can blacklist/whitelist websites or apps.
  • You can choose a maximum usage time.

5. Cold Turkey

Apps Like Forest

Cold Turkey is a freemium software that you can use to keep every form of distraction coming from your computer. It lets you block websites, applications, and addictive games to let you focus on your job.

Cold Turkey is available for use on Windows and Mac OS.

Download Cold Turkey Blocker for Windows.

Download Cold Turkey Blocker for Mac OS.

Get Cold Turkey Blocker Pro (lifetime access).


  • It locks, logs off, or shuts down your computer.
  • It helps to discover what applications and websites are taking your time.
  • It does not steal your data.
  • You can use the command line to start, stop, toggle and lock blocks. 
  • You can completely lock away other users from the computer.
  • You can schedule blocks and create a weekly routine.

6. Get Off Your Phone

Get Off Your Phone is one of the best applications you can use to fight phone addiction. With this app, you can decide how long you want to use your phone in a day; if you exceed that time, it will send you reminders.

It takes both the soft and strict approaches as it sends motivational quotes when you comply and punishes you when you use your phone past the set time.

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  • It features Punishment Mode, which makes your phone uncomfortable to use if you spend too much time on it.
  • You can schedule sessions in advance.
  • You can check the history of past sessions.
  • It sends you funny and inspirational notifications when you get distracted.
  • You can customize the notifications sent to you.
  • It lets you turn off all emergencies.

7. AntiSocial

Apps Like Forest

AntiSocial is a free application that helps reduce addiction to time-consuming apps and social media platforms. What makes AntiSocial an app you could use instead of Forest is that it is more of a reporting app, giving in-depth reports of app usage.

The app creates a standard which is "normal phone usage." Your goal is to match or beat this standard by spending less time on your phone. AntiSocial is only available for Android users.

Download on Google PlayStore.


  • It compares your phone usage to other users' phone usage. 
  • It gives reports that are easy to understand.
  • It has minimal effect on your battery life and mobile data.
  • It works even if your screen is off or when the phone is locked.
  • It has customer support.
  • The app is free of ads.


Each of the apps above works similarly to Forest, and you should find one you prefer among them.

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