Microsoft Windows 11 - the latest version of the Microsoft Windows versions list - comes with many customizable features that let you personalize how your PC looks and works, even though it comes in a classic style and design.

Windows 11 has an option that lets you change your taskbar color in a few steps, and this post will discuss how to do it without stress.

Ways to Change Taskbar Color in Windows 11

Changing the taskbar color automatically changes the start menu color as you cannot set different colors for the Start menu and the taskbar. Follow the steps below to change the taskbar color in Windows 11.

Step 1: Settings


Go to Settings on your PC by clicking the start button and then the settings icon in the pinned apps.

You can also press the Windows button + I on the keyboard to open the PC settings.


Another alternative is to right-click on the windows button and select Settings from the option that displays.

Step 2: Personalization


Click on personalization from the options in the sidebar on the settings page. As the name implies, personalization lets you personalize the PC settings.

Step 3: Colors


The settings in the personalization section will display on the right side of the settings page, and click on the colors option to personalize the PC colors using Accent color, transparency effects, color theme, etc.

Step 4: Choose Your PC Mode


When the color settings page displays, locate the "choose your mode" tile, click the drop-down arrow on the tile, and select Custom in the drop-down options. This option lets you change colors that appear in Windows and your apps.

Step 5: Choose Default Windows Mode

Below the "choose your mode" tile is the "choose your default windows mode tile", click the drop-down arrow on the tile and select dark. Your PC should switch to dark mode, but that is not all.

Step 6: Accent

T4 - Copy.png

Scroll down to the Accent color section, and click the drop-down arrow. Select manual instead of automatic.

Step 7: Select a Colour from the Grid

T4 - Copy (2).png

Under the "windows colors" section are different colors and shades. Select your preferred color and move to the next part of the window.

Double-click on a color to select, but you can hover the cursor over a color grid to see its name.

Click on view colors to see more options if you cannot find a color you prefer in the color grid. 

Step 8: Show Accent Color

T5 - Copy.png

The color you select will not reflect on the taskbar yet. Click on the Show accent color on the Start and Taskbar toggle.

Why Can’t I Change the Colour of My Taskbar?

If you cannot change your taskbar color with the steps above, it implies that you skipped one of the steps. 

The default windows mode is light, but the Accent color - the option that controls your taskbar color - will not be effective in this mode. Therefore, you should select dark mode.

Also, your taskbar color will not change if you did not toggle on the show accent color button.


There you have it! You can change the taskbar color easily by following the tips in this post carefully. You can return the taskbar color to its default by undoing the settings above or by selecting the PC default theme. To do this, go to personalization from settings and then select the theme tile. You can then select the team when the section displays.

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