How to Turn On Storage Sense In Windows 11

This guide will show you how you can set up Storage Sense to automatically monitor and remove unused files rather than manually switching between tools and tasks.

How To Disable Prefetch On Windows 11

What is Prefetch, why is it affecting your PC performance, and how do you disable it? This post answers all these questions in detail.

Similarweb Vs Semrush

This post provides a detailed comparison of Semrush and Similarweb - the features and differences, advantages, and disadvantages.

How to Disable Superfetch (SysMain) in Windows 11

This article will show you how to disable Superfetch in Windows 11 and make your PC run more smoothly. You should try this if your PC performs sluggishly to help it speed up things.

How To Enable Mono Audio On Windows 11

You can turn on the mono audio mode on Windows 11 to avoid the discomfort associated with the stereo mode, and this article will guide you on how to do it.

How To Run Multiple Commands On PowerShell

This article will guide you on how to run multiple commands sequentially on a single line in PowerShell

How to Add Background Image to Google Calendar Event

It is no longer possible to add a background image to your Google Event Calender directly, but this post will teach you the tweaks to do it in no time.

Open-source Alternative For Grammarly

This post highlights open-source and free Grammarly alternatives available for writers to have a better writing experience.

How to Turn On and Access Windows Mobility Center in Windows 11

In this post, I will show you how to turn on and access the Mobility Center in Windows 11.

Top 7 Multiplayer Racing Games For Android Via Wifi

Want to play some thrilling multiplayer racing games on your android phone and perform some pro virtual stunts? Here will give a list of best multiplayer racing games for android that you can play via Wifi.

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