Top Best Free Lightshot Alternatives

This post analyses the alternatives to Lightshot with sophisticated functionalities and can speed things up by taking and preserving screenshots.

DataDog alternatives open-source

You will learn about Datadog open-source alternatives to work on applications that may need dynamic/cloud architecture in this post

Best Alternative To Skype (Updated 2022)

This post will introduce the top 10 best alternatives to Skype, in case you are looking for Skype Alternative.

How To Screen Record On Macbook Air?

In this article, you will Learn How To Screen Record On Macbook Air?

How To Decrypt Encrypted Files In Windows 7 And Windows 10?

This content will help individuals to Decrypt Encrypted Files in Windows 7 And Windows 10.

How to Check Motherboard Version with cmd and PowerShell

You will learn how to check your motherboard version with cmd and PowerShell in this post

How To Check Bios Version in CMD

There are many ways of finding a computer's BIOS version but this post will teach you how to check it with the command prompt.

Best Plagiarism Checkers (Free/Paid)

This post highlights the top plagiarism checkers to help you write unique and quality content.

IIS Not Found in Windows 11 (Install IIS in windows 11)

This post will show you how to install it in Windows 11. Microsoft IIS is an acronym for Internet Information Services, and it is also known as Microsoft Windows Server on some Windows versions.

Best similarweb alternatives

In this article, I have provided a list of the best free and paid similar web alternatives with their features, which you can use.

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