In this article, you will see step by step procedure to connect your Bluetooth speaker to Laptop or Desktop using Bluetooth in Windows 10 or Windows 11.

Some people find it hard to use the new electronic devices they purchase from time to time, and you are not an exception.At times, the ways the devices are made make them hard to use. At the same time, new devices come with fright and the fear of possible damage when they are used inappropriately.

Bluetooth speaker is one device that is not easy to use, particularly for newbies. It poses many issues, particularly when it comes to pairing to a laptop.

Therefore, do not worry if this is your issue today. This article shows you exactly how to pair and connect your Bluetooth speaker to your laptop in very easy steps.

The following easy steps show you clearly how to pair your windows laptop with your Bluetooth speaker without much hustle.

Step 1: Turn On the Bluetooth Speaker

On your Bluetooth speaker, press the power on button to switch it on. This location varies based on the model of the Bluetooth speaker. When you are new to your speaker, please consult the user manual to know how to turn it on.

Some speakers also need to be connected to a source of power before opening; ensure that you understand this from the manual. Also, make the Bluetooth speaker be within the range recommended from the manual with your laptop to avoid issues when connecting.

Step 2: Start the Laptop or Desktop

After switching on the Bluetooth speaker and assuming that your laptop was on already, open the windows logo on your laptop. The logo is at the bottom left corner of the laptop screen. This step will start the process of connecting.


Step 3: Click on the Settings Option on your Laptop/Windows Desktop

Among the options given on your left-hand side of the laptop screen, look at the very lower side of the screen and select the setting option. Near the top of the setting page, click devices and pick on the Bluetooth and other devices among the options availed to you.

image 3-min.jpg

Step 4: Switch On the Bluetooth

After selecting Bluetooth and other devices, on your laptop, click on the off option to switch it on. This button is located below the word Bluetooth. Check near the top of the screen on the same page you opened. In most cases, this switch on the button will be blue in color when Bluetooth is on. Similarly, if it writes “on” after the symbol, then you are good to go.

image 4-min.jpg

Step 5: Press the Pair Button on the Bluetooth Speaker

After ensuring that your laptop's Bluetooth is on, allow the speaker to begin searching for the device by pressing the pair button. Here, the speaker will look for all the Bluetooth devices on and within its range, including your laptop.

You should note that the location of the pair button also varies from device to device based on the model of the device. Therefore, ensure you consult your manual here too to know where it is.

image 5-min.jpg

Step 6: Add the Laptop to the Bluetooth Speaker

After searching, you will realize that there are many devices or one device selected by the speaker based on the number of available devices within its reach. Go to your laptop, and check on top of the Bluetooth sign. You will see the option of "add Bluetooth or device." Click on that sign to pair the two devices, the speaker and the laptop. The button is located right at the top of that same page.

Step 7: Add Bluetooth

After selecting Bluetooth or other devices on the laptop, the option of Bluetooth comes; click on it. In the window containing the add device, it lies on the topmost option. Here you will see the many or few devices based on the number available.

Step 8: Choose the Name of Your Bluetooth Speaker

Since there might be many devices to pair, you must know the device name of your speaker. Therefore, from the probably available list, you will see the name of your Bluetooth speaker; select it.

If your speaker is new, remember that in most instances, the name of your Bluetooth speaker will be a combination of its model number and its brand name. So, check on these to ensure that you pair and connect the right Bluetooth speaker and not your neighbors'.

image 6-min.jpg

Step 9: Connect the Bluetooth to Your Device

After choosing the speaker's name, the pair option will pop up at the right lower corner of the name of the speaker; click on it. By clicking pair, your speaker and the laptop will connect and begin to work as a unit.

image 7-min.jpg

After this step, you should play your music and listen to other audio while using the laptop and the Bluetooth device as part of each other. The sound should come through your Bluetooth speaker and not the speakers of the laptop.

If this is the case, enjoy, you have managed to connect your Bluetooth speaker to your laptop successfully.

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