25 Best Windows 10 Tricks and Tips

Windows 10 is the most used Operating System and it would be a great advantage if we know some best tricks and tips which might be handy at times

How to Buy Ethereum and Ripple in India

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Top 9 Best New Features in Windows 10 Creators Update

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How to Mine Bitcoin from Your Computer

You can mine Bitcoins and earn at your home from your computer. This article provides step by step points to guide you further.

What is Blockchain Technology and The Future of Blockchain in India

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Top 6 Best Animation Apps for iOS and Android

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Different types of Anxiety and How to Treat Them Naturally

Anxiety is a common disease these days and one should try to treat them naturally and permanently. This article will give you some insight on this.

5 Reasons Why Apple iPhone X is the best smartphone ever and it is worth its price

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Increase your WiFi or internet speed on Android

You can now increase your wifi speed by using these simple tips on android phone.

5 reasons why you should watch movie ‘Padmavati’

Everything in this film makes it a ‘must watch’ movie but these 5 reasons can't be ignored.

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