In the previous article, I have provided Best Free Datagrip alternatives (Open Source) but now in this article, I have provided Hotjar free and open-source alternatives, which can be useful, as Hotjar is a great tool for website visitor analysis, but it’s not the only tool you can use.


Hotjar is a great tool for creating heatmaps, session recordings, and feedback polls. However, if you want an alternative to the tool to use in your projects then there are a few options that you can take into consideration. So, here we have listed 5 of the best Hotjar alternative tools.

1. Lucky Orange


Lucky Orange is a screen recording and video chat software that allows you to record your screen, or have a video call with a friend.

It's really easy to use and has some great features like:

  • Record your desktop activity as a video
  • Take screenshots of your desktop or browser
  • Share your webcam & microphone with friends - even if they don't have Lucky Orange!

2. Mouseflow


Mouseflow is a service that provides heatmaps and visitor recordings for your website. Heatmaps show where visitors click on your site, while visitor recordings show where they scroll and move their mouse. The data from Mouseflow can be used to optimize your website's UX, fix bugs, and make sure your users find what they're looking for.


  • Heatmaps - see exactly where users click on your website. These are very useful for finding out what parts of your website confuse or distract people, so you can fix them. Heatmaps also tell you if people are having trouble finding something on your site (e.g., a button). In addition to page-level heatmaps, you can also view data at the session level (i.e., across all pages in a single visit) or at the user level (i.e., across multiple visits by a single user).
  • Visitor recordings - see exactly where visitors scroll on each page of your website and how long they stay there. This is useful for getting insight into how users interact with different parts of your site, such as whether they skip over certain sections or read everything carefully before moving on to the next section (or even jumping

3. Crazy Egg


Crazy Egg is a visual website performance analysis tool that provides users with detailed information about their website’s visitors and their behavior on the site. Crazy Egg also offers other tools to help you improve your websites like Heatmaps, Scroll maps and Recordings.

Crazy Egg has been around since 2006 and is one of the most popular tools for analyzing your website's performance. It has over 1 million users worldwide.


  • Heatmaps - See where people click, scroll and hover on your web pages in real-time. This allows you to see which parts of your page are working, which aren’t, and how users interact with them. You can even see how long they spend looking at certain parts of your page or if they bounce immediately after landing on it.
  • Scroll maps - See how far down each page scrolls before reaching its end (or bottom). Scroll maps show where users stop scrolling on any given page so you can optimize those areas by adding more content or moving important information lower in the funnel.
  • Recordings - Record full-page sessions from any device and play them back later to see exactly what happened while they were using your site or app.

4. Yandex Metrica


Yandex Metrica is a free tool that helps you analyze your website’s traffic and optimize your online marketing campaigns. It provides useful insights into how people interact with your site, including the number of visitors, bounce rate, conversion rates and other metrics.

As a webmaster or marketer, you can use Yandex Metrica to get actionable insights about your website’s performance, including:

  • Bounce rate - The percentage of single-page visits.
  • Keywords - The most popular search queries that led to your site.
  • Traffic sources - Where visitors come from (Google Ads, social media etc.).

5. Matomo


Matomo is the leading open-source analytics platform. Over 2 million businesses, organizations and agencies use Matomo to collect, analyze, and visualize customer data.


  • Real-time visitor data (bounce rate)
  • Visitor geography (country, region, city)
  • Device type (desktop, tablet, or mobile)
  • Operating system used by visitors (Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux)
  • SEO Keywords
  • A/B Testing


So we have provided you with a number of Hotjar alternatives and I'm positive you'll find the best from this list.

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